Michael Rainey Jr Net Worth: Age Height Girlfriend Movies and TV Shows

Michael Rainey Jr. Net Worth

Michael Rainey Jr, also known as Tariq, is one of the fastest-rising actors in the movie industry.

He started out as a kid in an Italian video but has managed to build a successful career for himself.

What Is Michael Rainey Jr Net Worth

One of Hollywood’s youngest actors, Michael Rainey Jr, has a net worth of $2 million as of 2023. This fortune comes from starring in various movies.

The 22-year-old actor also has a career in rapping, vlogging, and endorsing brands on his platform.

Stick around to find out more about this talented youngster. From his personal life to his career and net worth, we have all the juicy details.

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Michael Rainey Jr’s Net Worth Growth

Michael Rainey Jr. has accumulated a lot of money from his decade-long acting career.

In his role in the TV series Power, Rainey Jr. earned up to $20,000 per episode. He filmed 10 episodes in 2017 with that salary.

As such, he made $200,000 from the series alone that year.

Later in 2018, a $25,000 addition was made to his Power salary. This made his total income around $45,000 per episode.

Rainey filmed 10 episodes with that pay grade and made over $450,000 that year from the tv series.

Additionally, Michael Rainey Jr. appeared in the 2016 movie Barbershop: The Next Cut. For his role, he reportedly earned $65,000.

Rainey’s acting isn’t the only thing making him money. His 2.7m followers on Instagram have paved a way for revenue.

He uses his platform to endorse brands like JD sports US, Catch 22 Lounge JA, and Citizens Bank.

He also co-hosts the podcast, The Crew Has it, which has over 132,000 subscribers on YouTube. With this number of following, the channel likely earns between $2,400 to $4,000 per month and $28,000 to $48,000 per year.

Rainey Jr. also has a personal YouTube channel called Where Is 22 and has been posting videos since 2020. Where Is 22 is also the name he goes by when he raps.

He has over 200,000 subscribers on the channel, earning him about $4,000 every month and $48,000 every year.

How Did He Get Rich?

The 22-year-old actor grew up watching Disney movies but didn’t envision himself as an actor. This changed when an agent spotted him and suggested him for a role.

Now, Rainey has amassed a large sum of money from his career as an actor. In the series Power alone, he makes over $45,000 per episode.

He also raps, hosts a podcast, and has a Youtube channel.

Early life

Michael Rainey Jr. Net Worth
Rainey Jr. and his mom, Shauna

Michael Rainey Jr was born on the 22nd of September, 2000, in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the only child of Michael Rainey Sr and Shauna Small.

Like most famous children, Michael Rainey Jr was home-schooled by his mother, Shauna.

Real Name/Full Name: Michael Rainey Jr
Nick Name/Stage Name: Where Is 22
Date of Birth: September 22nd, 2000
Age/How Old: 22 years
Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality African-American
Parents’ Names:
  • Father –Michael Rainey Sr
  • Mother – Shauna Small
Gender: Male
Height/How Tall: 5ft 8 (173 cm)
Weight: 149 lbs (68 kg)
Relationship Status Dating
Partners/Girlfriends: Haile Rose
College: Homeschooled
Profession: Actor
Social Media Accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Career And Awards

As a kid, Michael Rainey Jr. had never considered acting. He revealed this in an interview with Backstage.

YouTube video

However, his turning point came when an agent in an industry called Generations noticed him. This agent encouraged him to audition for roles in tv series such as Sesame Street and Law and Order, and he did.

Movies and TV Shows

His big break, however, came when he appeared in an Italian video called Il Mio Più Grande which means The Greatest Gift. It went viral in Italy, and he was spotted by producer Silvio Muccino, who gave him his first acting role.

In 2010, he starred in his first film, Another World A. K. A Un Altro Mondo, by Silvio Muccino.

The film was shot in 2009 in Kenya and tells the story of a man entrusted with the care of his half-brother.

Two years later, Rainey Jr. starred in the movie LUV. Following the release of LUV, he got his next role in the movie, The Butler.

In 2013, Michael Rainey Jr. landed his first Netflix role in the series Orange is the New Black. He gained some popularity through the American series.

Fast forward to 2014, Rainey Jr. played Lawrence in Second Chance Christmas, and in 2016, he got another big break. This was in the 2016 American Comedy Film Barbershop: The Next Cut, where he played Jalen.

Despite appearing in all these movies and TV shows, Rainey Jr. is popularly known for his role in the hit TV series Power. He played the role of Tariq St Patrick from 2014 to 2020.

Then in 2020, he got the chance to appear as the lead of the sequel, Power Book II: Ghost.

Apart from acting, Rainey is also a rapper. He has released several songs and has collaborated with artists such as Famous Dex.

He may be no Julian Works, Henry Cavill, Keanu Reeves, but he’s good at what he does.

Michael Rainey Jr. earned a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Youth at the 49th NAACP Image Awards in 2018. He also received a YoungStars Award nomination in the following year’s BET Awards.

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Personal Life

In 2018, the Power star announced his relationship with the Uganda model Eva Apio on Instagram.

He posted a picture of the two of them and captioned it ‘My Lil one.’ This picture has, however, since been deleted from his page.

Michael Rainey Jr. Net Worth
Rainey and Apio

A few days later, Apio posted a ‘couple goals’ picture of her own, clearing all doubts about whether they were together.

The pair had met through a mutual friend in New York and began seeing each other not long after.

Unfortunately, Rainey Jr. and Apio’s relationship didn’t last long. They broke up and went a step further, deleting memories of each other on their individual pages.

Not much has been said about the reason for their breakup.

Currently, the young star is reportedly dating TikTok and Instagram influencer Haile Rose. They had been seeing each other since 2021 but made their relationship public in September 2022.

The celebrity couple announced their relationship on the net, shocking fans.

They are still dating and are often spotted together at different events.

Michael Rainey Jr. Net Worth
Rainey Jr. and Rose


Apart from acting, Rainey Jr. has a serious love for cars. He has a collection of cars, including a Mercedes.

The 22-year-old often posts videos of his cars on his YouTube channel. He particularly has one named Rewrapping My Car, where he reveals his Mercedes.

He also loves buying watches. His Instagram page is littered with pictures of his watches.

Furthermore, the 22-year-old is a community lover. Apart from spending his money on cars, he funds the Find and Feed program, which feeds and clothes homeless people.

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Michael Rainey Jr is an inspiration to many. Not only does he make money through legitimate means, but he also spends it on charity.

He is improving every day, and in years to come, he will be one of Hollywood’s finest. He might not be Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, but he is definitely on his way to huge success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Michael Rainey Jr. doing now?

Michael Rainey Jr. currently stars as Tariq St. Patrick on the Power sequel, Power Book II: Ghost. He plays the show’s leading character.

Is Tariq from Power Jamaican?

The star who plays Tariq in Power, Michael Rainey Jr., has Jamaican roots. His mother is from Jamaica.

Is Michael Rainey Jr. a millionaire?

Yes, Michael Rainey Jr. is a millionaire. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

How did Michael Rainey Jr. become famous?

Michael Rainey Jr. became really popular after starring in the series Power. However, he’s been in other movies and TV shows before then.

Is Kanan Tariq’s real father?

In the series Power, Kanan is the real father of Tariq and Raina. But in real life, the actor who plays Tariq, Michael Rainey Jr., is the son of Michael Rainey Sr.

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