No Mercy in Mexico: The Story Behind

No Mercy in Mexico

The world is a kind place to live. But there can be places that can be cruel.

Social media can show you the best and worst things that can happen to us. It exposes a wide variety of things.

Social media has a lot of content. Some are informational.

But some content is hungry for fame. We have seen many viral videos on social media.

Recently, a disturbing video has become viral. It has the title “No Mercy in Mexico”.

It has gone viral on platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. Not all can watch this horrific video.

The video shows that like the title it can literally mean that there is no mercy in Mexico. Because this content is about a torturing murder of a father and son.

They are killed without mercy. The video is full of gore, violence, and torture.

It is a true incident in Mexico. It shows two persons that are beheaded.

The video was uploaded on the Documenting Reality site. This happened in 2018.

The father and son are tied up by a police gang. They are both sitting on the ground.

A mass surrounded them. You can hear the father crying in pain.

Then they struck the father with the stick. He had been in total pain but they continued to torture him.

After the torture, they cut his head and show it on the screen. The son began to cry.

But unfortunately, it was his turn to be beheaded. What comes next becomes more horrific.

The son tried to fight back but all was in vain. The scene became horrendous when one of the members of the gang punched a small hole in his heart.

The son cried in pain. But the gang continued and pulled his internal organs.

The son died in great pain.

“No Mercy in Mexico” had shocked watchers. They re-uploaded it on different social media platforms.

If you want to know more about No Mercy in Mexico, you can watch the following video:

The Theories on No Mercy in Mexico

Many could have wondered how this violent crime happened in reality. This can be the question that has struck the viewers who have watched “No Mercy in Mexico” or “The Guerrero Flaying Video”.

They said that this vicious crime happened in Alpaca Ranch, a city in Mexico. This is a city that is owned by a viagra cartel.

According to the details, the video is 100% true. This is not good news, though.

It means that this horrific thing had truly taken place.

No Mercy in Mexico

People were scared because of the video. But they became curious about the violent things that are happening in Mexico.

Those who know the Spanish language have a theory about the leaked video. They wanted to find the truth about it.

These are the theories about the Guerrero Flaying Video:

Death of a Father and Son

People have guessed that the two persons beaten to death in the video are related. They have a strong theory that they are father and son.

But no one had completely proved this theory. As we do not know the identity of those persons, we may not confirm that they are truly father and son.

The Victims are Spies

The City Alpaca Ranch is famous for its criminal activities. The Viagra cartel is one of the famous cartels.

So, the cartel owns the city. Social media users concluded that the men in the video are not father and son.

Some believed that they were spies from another cartel. They assumed that they were caught spying.

They believed that they had discovered some important details about the cartel.

So, they became the target of the horrific death.

Police Gang is Cartel Members

The theory that the perpetrators are cartel members is from social media users. They believed that it was just like in the movie.

They thought that cops killed them because they had committed some crimes.

The Reactions of Mexican to the Lack of Mercy

After the video went viral, people started looking on social media for “No Mercy in Mexico”. They searched on Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, and other similar platforms.

The news about it spread on the internet. The lives of the victims are gone in vain and the whole world is watching.

All wish that the perpetrators will pay for their crimes. You should not watch the video if you are reading this.

Even people who love to watch gore videos will not like to watch this kind of video. The film has a great quality which can add to your emotional impact.

If you want to see it, we can guarantee you that you will regret it. If you are curious about what happened, you can read the comments.

If you want to know more about the others’ reactions to No Mercy in Mexico, you can watch the following video:

Why Do People Look for No Mercy in Mexico?

On July 7, 1977, the United States Senate had a treaty with Mexico that allows criminals to be convicted. The criminals can be brought to the Canadian prison.

They agreed on similar agreements. This is a result of the tension in Mexican prisons over American detainees.

So, for a time, the two countries exchanged captives.

The Mexican Treaty outlines the core principles of this agreement. Criminal sentences were done by the US or Mexico.

They also permitted probation or parole. Individuals who commit crimes can be protected by the treaty.

But the criminal must not be a resident of the place of jurisdiction. If the criminal is under the age of 25, special consideration can be given.

This is also true with persons who have mental illnesses.

The treaty is a good step toward international cooperation in criminal law. However, this treaty can cause problems in cases like “No Mercy in Mexico”.

This poses a challenge in getting justice for the crime.

So, many people have been looking for “No Mercy in Mexico”. Many wished that there could be justice for the brutal video.

No one can handle the injustice they have seen in the video. This can be the worst video that they have seen.

Curiosity struck many to see this video. Although, not all can handle watching it.

One thing is for sure. Those who watched it became sorry that they have ever watched it.

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