Paula Dietz Rader Obituary Bio & Net Worth [Still Alive?]

January 21st, 2023

Paula Dietz Rader Obituary

Paula Dietz Rader is the former wife of Dennis Rader, a jailed serial killer. Being his wife at some point made her life tough when her husband was convicted as a serial killer. You can imagine what her friends and family might have thought of her.

Paula is a simple woman who has largely worked to restore her life by staying active in her hometown church. According to her friends, she is a simple woman that is open to interacting with anyone. We look more into her life so that you get to know her better and how she is holding up all these years.

Early Life And Career

Paula Dietz was born on 5th May 1948 in Kansas, United States. She is currently 73 years as of 2022. There are not many details about her parents, but we will possibly update you when we find them.

As for her education, it seems she completed her education and graduated from the same hometown. You can say she has spent most of her life in Kansas.

Paula has also had a good career considering she was quite educated. Her life turned upside down after marrying Dennis Rader, who was a former airforce officer.

Dennis Rader and Paula Dietz had three decades of marriage before it was discovered what Dennis was up to. It is apparent that Dennis had killed ten people including five from a single family.

When Paula discovered what Dennis had done, she immediately filed for divorce. She even never went to see him during the court sessions. It just shows how much she was shocked to be living with a serial killer.

Right now, she leads a simple life as a bookkeeper in her small hometown.

Paula Dietz Relationship Status

Paula was the wife of Dennis Radar. After finding out about his serial killer activities, she filed for divorce and has stayed single since then.

Even when the media wanted her to comment more about her husband’s cruel activities, she decided not to show up. At this point, the media outlets gave it a rest and let her live her life.

We could not find much information about her current relationship status but she seems happy leaving a simple life out of the media reports.

Paula Dietz Radar Net Worth

Paula Dietz has an estimated net worth of $700K. She largely got this money from working as a bookkeeper for decades. Considering her age and probably retired, her net worth might remain around the same figure for a while.

Paula Dietz Daughter

Paula and Dennis had a daughter called Kerri Rawson. Kerri was born in 1978 and she is 44 years as of 2022.

Kerri has mostly worked as an elementary school teacher. And just like her mother, she has not visited her father ever since he was convicted of murder.

A couple of years after Dennis was convicted, Kerri wrote about being a daughter of a serial killer and how she managed to overcome her experience.

There was a time when Kerri stated in an interview that she had to live as if her father died. Right now, she helps people who have been abused or traumatized from different life experiences. It could be that she took her personal experience and wanted to help other people who had gone through that.

Paula Dietz Son

Other than Kerri, they also had Brian Rader as their son. Unlike his sister Kerri, Brian has always kept a low-profile life. He rarely speaks about his family or father in public.

Brian went on to serve in the US Navy Seal from 2004 to 2009.

Is Paula Dietz Alive?

There are no reports confirming whether she is dead or else we could have seen the Paula Dietz Rader obituary published somewhere.

There were speculations she had also returned to her hometown and took up a job as a bookkeeper. The best part is how she has managed to keep out of the spotlight since 2005.

Paula Dietz Socials

She has two Instagram pages. We are not sure which one is hers but we think she will not be posting anytime soon. Ever since her husband was convicted of murder, she has tried to keep a low profile. She could not bear the shame, pain, and anguish this kind of conviction did to her.

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