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Thomas Ian Griffith

Thomas Ian Griffith is an actor, martial artist, writer, and producer. As of 2023, Griffith’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

He is most known for his character as the villain Terry Silver in the movie Karate Kid III. After a couple of years of not being in the spotlight, he reappeared and starred in the Netflix series Cobra Kai seasons 4 and 5 as his classic character.

The fans had well received the series, and Griffith was shocked to know that many people were fans of Terry Silver. Within days of release, Cobra Kai reached the top titles of streamed series on Netflix.

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Thomas Ian Griffith Wiki/Biography

Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver
Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver

Thomas Ian Griffith was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on March 18, 1962. He was the son of Thomas Joseph Griffith, a college professor, and Mary Ann Griffith, a dance instructor. Throughout his childhood, his mother took him on trips to the UK, Ireland, and Canada so he could participate in Irish step dance contests.

He attended the College of Holy Cross and majored in Literature and Music. He proceeded to be a dean’s lister the same year before he was cast in a Broadway show called “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” Griffith didn’t get to finish his degree and decided to move to New York and pursue acting instead.

Thomas playing the role of Rock Hudson
Thomas playing the role of Rock Hudson

Griffith was a black belter in taekwondo, which helped him land the role of the villain Terry Silver in Karate Kid III and established his name. He also does kickboxing, wrestling, and fencing and has experience in stage combat.

After many appearances in movies and TV shows, Griffith decided to shift to writing. Eventually, he did writing full-time and worked for NBC, Warner Brothers INC, and Universal. He was in the entertainment industry for four decades and is still active in the present.

Full Name/Real Name: Thomas Ian Griffith
Nick Name/Stage Name: Thomas Ian Griffith
Birth Place: Hartford, Connecticut
Birthday: March 18, 1962
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Net Worth $2 million
Age(How Old): 61 years old
Weight: 185 lbs
Height(How Tall): 6’5”
Currently Live In: Connecticut
Debut: 1989 as Terry Silver
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Irish and Italian
College: College of Holy Cross
Profession: Actor/ Martial Artist/ Writer/ Producer
Social Media Accounts: Twitter: @tigianpage

Instagram: thomasiangriffith



Wife, Children & Relationships

Thomas Ian Griffith has been in love and married to the actress and Screenwriter Mary Page Keller since 1991, three decades after they met on the set of Another World. They have been living happily together ever since.

Thomas Griffith and Mary Keller at the Netflix Emmy party
Thomas Griffith and Mary Keller at the Netflix Emmy party

Thomas and Mary’s marriage gave birth to two sons, Connor and Eamon, who both inherited their artistic side. Connor is a digital animator, while Eamon is pursuing his music career.

Eamon, Connor, Thomas, and Mary Griffith on Father’s Day
Eamon, Connor, Thomas, and Mary Griffith on Father’s Day

The two had been sharing a glimpse of their lives through social media. As of May 6 this year, Mary Page shared a photo of them joining the Writers Guild on strike and fighting to increase the minimum wage of writers in America.

The couple, together with other writers on strike
The couple, together with other writers on strike

In an interview, the couple said they went on the street to support the Writer’s Guild on strike to increase the minimum wage in America. They also added that they were in the middle of writing for the series Virgin River season 6 and hoping to get back to it as soon as possible.

When Thomas was asked about the Cobra Kai, the two just laughed and said he would be there, so everyone needed to watch out. Mary even joked about how ridiculous it was that Terry Silver was writing a show, followed by a sweet side hug from Thomas.

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Father Name Thomas Joseph Griffith
Mother Name Mary Ann Griffith
Brother Name
Sister Name
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Mary Page (Keller) Griffith
Children Connor Griffith ( 28 years old) and Eamon Griffith (25 years old)

Physical Appearance

Behind the scenes of Cobra Kai
Behind the scenes of Cobra Kai

Even at 61, Thomas Ian Griffith is still dashingly handsome. In an interview, Griffith said he considered martial arts as his therapy and part of his identity.

He practices his craft and continues to evolve throughout the years. And because of this, his strong build barely changes.

Thomas Griffith posing with his little boy Arthur
Thomas Griffith posing with his little boy Arthur

He is 6 5″ tall, has a body frame of 185 pounds, and has beautiful sparkling blue eyes. And as his hair turned white, Griffith embraced growing old in style, and there is no doubt that he is still as good-looking as ever.

Movies and TV Shows

Being a black belter in Taekwondo earned him the role of Terry Silver in the movie Karate Kid III, a competing martial arts master who encourages Daniel LaRusso to oppose his friend and mentor, Mr. Miyagi.

One of the scenes in Karate Kid III
One of the scenes in Karate Kid III

After the success of Karate Kid III, Griffith appeared in other movies like Rock Hudson, Excessive Force, Blood of The Innocent, Hollow Point, Vampires, XXX, and many more. He also starred in different television series, including Another World, where he met his wife, Mary Page Keller.

Thomas And Mary Page In Another World
Thomas And Mary Page In Another World

Thomas Ian Griffith disappeared from the spotlight in 2007 and became a writer and producer in the following years. One of his works includes an American fantasy TV series called Grimm, in which he was the writer, story editor, and co-producer that lasted from 2013 to 2017. His last TV appearance was when he portrayed the role of Cash in the TV Movie “The Kidnapping” in 2007.

He had no plans of returning to acting, but the offer to star again as Terry Silver in the Cobra Kai pushed Griffith to go back. And the fans were delighted to see him as the series had been widely celebrated, received numerous nominations, and won an award as best action series in Critic’s Choice Super Award in 2023.

Cobra Kai Premiere Season 4
Cobra Kai Premiere Season 4

Sadly, Cobra Kai will end the series after season 6, leaving fans with a bittersweet goodbye. But Griffith still has many plans for the future, as he and Mary Page recently wrote an episode for the series Virgin River.

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Net Worth Summary

Thomas Griffith’s estimated net worth as of now is over $2 million. He has a mansion in Connecticut where his family usually spends time.

Some other sources also stated that he has another home in Greenland, New Hampshire, where he spends time pursuing Journalism. But Griffith doesn’t flaunt his properties and assets on social media, so the information is very slim.

In addition to acting, Griffith also earns money by working as an editor and producer. Some even claim that he teaches martial arts. Regarding the value or other real estate interests, there is no more information.

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