What Are Four Things A Great Resume Shows Employers?

What Are Four Things A Great Resume Shows Employers

A resume is a paper that advertises you to your potential employers.

A good resume will have points in it, which will serve as an incentive for employers to schedule an interview with you.

Here are four things that must be included in your resume to make it great and successful.

What Are Four Things A Great Resume Shows Employers

When a recruiter or employer sifts through the papers of resumes from their applicants, it is a weeding process.

You must make sure that your resume is unique enough to stand out in the middle of the stacks.

A great resume must be easy to read or digest, highlights the benefits and not the skills you offer, assures the quality of your work, and has complete information.

A Resume That Is Easy To Read Or Digest

When we say easy to read or digest, we’re talking about the conciseness of the paragraphs, the format of the paper, the fonts used, the graphics, and the color.

To make our resumes easy to read, we will need to follow the General Resume Writing Guidelines.

Nobody wants to read a long and boring paper, especially people who do not have a lot of time on their hands.

Note that the time of recruiters or employers is valuable and limited. You do not want them to be spending too much time reading your resume.

Remember to keep your resume engaging, and not time-consuming.

You must format the paper in a clean and orderly fashion. Make sure it is not chaotic.

In formatting the paper, the top page or the beginning section of the article must highlight the most significant benefits you can offer to the employers.

Ensure that the fonts you’re using are readable, not too fancy, and not too big or too small.

When reading the paper, the graphics you use should serve as borders or guides. You must ensure that it does not overpower the text.

Lastly, your colors must not be bright or intense, and it should also not shade in with the text.

A Resume That Highlight The Benefits You Offer

Great Resume Shows Employers

You must think of yourself as a product being sold to customers when you are writing your resume.

Customers do not want fancy features or promises. They want the benefits and results.

It is also the same for jobs and the services you offer when an employer reads your resume.

Your resume must contain not your skills but the work you can do! Remember to keep the words you write results-driven.

Bad Example:

“I am good at photoshop.”

Good Example:

“I am capable of producing photoshops that will look fancy, neat, and organised.

A Resume That Assures The Quality of Your Work

The assurance of the quality of your work will be backed up by the previous experiences you have, your portfolio, your previous company, or your education status.

You want to make the employers feel that you can truly deliver the service you offer.

Having an excellent educational background in the resume is your best option if you don’t have previous experience.

If you lack both education and previous experience, the only option you have would be to embed and highlight the previous works you have done.

If you have all of the categories listed, don’t be shy to write it all down.

It will guarantee your work and satisfy your potential employers.

A Resume That is Complete

Last but not least, a resume needs to be complete.

This is not just a requirement but also a significant benefit for your resume.

You do not want to miss out on required information like name, address, contact number, or email.

If these requirements are missing, it will be devastating for your resume.

Create some pointers that will contain vital information about you. This information must then be embedded in the resume.

Once you are done making your resume, you need to review it with the pointers and check if you have missed anything relevant.

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