What Did Cleopatra Look Like?

What Did Cleopatra Look Like

People have a clear picture of what Cleopatra appeared as in the past, and it’s nothing like the vision most individuals have in memory.

She didn’t possess bangs, for starters. She also has a huge, hooked nose, a strong chin, and naturally curly at the back of her head that she generally stored in a bun.

However, the most common misperception about Cleopatra is what she appeared like. Cleopatra was portrayed in pop media as a lovely, white, small-nosed lady clothed in an exposing gown with heavy makeup, sleek, black hair, bangs, with a braided hairstyle with gold jewelry falling to her shoulders.

But, this depiction is nearly entirely false.

The Queen Of The Nile

Due to several misunderstandings about her appearance, Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, has achieved a tremendous reputation. Aside from her famous looks, the queen led a very bizarre life. Here are 5 facts about Cleopatra’s life that you may find fascinating.

1. More Than Her Looks

If you’ve come across Cleopatra, you may know her because of her famous looks that have many depictions and portrayals. But what you might not know is that she is also much more than her appearance and beauty.

Cleopatra is fluent in Native Greek, Egyptian, and 7 other languages. She is also knowledgeable in mathematics, physics, and philosophy.

2. Not An Egyptian Descent

It is true that Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt, but did you know that she’s not really of Egyptian descent? The Queen of the Nile is originally born of Greek Macedonian heritage.

Despite her not being an Egyptian, she did make lots of contributions to the history and culture of Egypt.

3. Celebration of Her Defeat

You might have heard of Octavian fighting Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt and eventually defeating them; he was also put in position in the Roman Republic and rebranded himself as Augustus and became the first emperor of Rome.

Because of this, he made the 8th month of the year August in honor of his victory against Egypt.

4. Death Of Her Sister

After Julius Ceasar got murdered, Queen Cleopatra returned to Alexandria to hide and guard herself and her son. To be able to execute this, Cleopatra ordered her sister to be killed.

5. Showstopper

When Julius Caesar first arrived in Egypt, he was furious with the death of Pompeii. And Cleopatra thought Caesar was her best way to gain power again.

She wrapped herself in a rug to do this, and when Caesar unrolled it, she introduced herself.


Was Cleopatra A Stunning Woman?

Several folks assumed Cleopatra was extremely beautiful. She had relationships with two of the most prominent Romans, Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony.

Who Was Cleopatra’s Real Mother?

Cleopatra VII’s mother is said to be Kleopatra V, but there is no documentation to back this up. However, because Berenike was the only confirmed child, it is considered that she is Cleopatra’s mother.

Out of all of Ptolemaios XII’s wives, Kleopatra V is the only one whose name has been published. As a result, Cleopatra is assumed to be her offspring.

Who Was Cleopatra’s Offspring?

Her engagement to Mark Antony was sincere since they were both in romance. They fell madly in love the first time they met each other in Rome when she was still Julius Caesar’s mistress.

Cleopatra had a son named Caesarion with Julius Caesar, and she had Ptolemy Philadelphus, Cleopatra Selene II, and Alexander Helios with Mark Antony.

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