What Divine Beast Should I Do First?

What Divine Beast Should I Do First

There are four divine beasts in the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Vah Ruta, Vah Rudania, Vah Meddah, and Vah Naboris.

If you’re new to the game, know that these divine beasts are mammoth animals that you’ll encounter to solve puzzles. The winning result of victory: is gaining a special power to finish the rest of them.

Now, you might be curious about what divine beast you should go on first with. The quick answer is the giant elephant or the Vah Ruta. It’s nearest to the starting point.

To reach this divine beast, you have to follow a north direction going to Zora’s Domain. There are millions of Zoras on your way, so don’t be distracted.

However, be wary of this divine beast since its element is water, and its trunk can spew an infinite amount of it. Vah Ruta has a way of turning things around and protecting itself with just the use of its strength.

More information and details about divine beasts and the game, in general, are provided below.

The Path To Take In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Since it’s an open-world game, it’s better to have a little advice on which path to take and ensure victory. Scarp80 gave tips in his video that you can follow, especially if you’re a beginner.

From the starting point, the Shrine of Resureccion, you can head to Great Plateau Tower and choose a path anywhere. However, going to Central Tower is the more advisable path since it’s a great map, but beware of the guardians.

After Central Tower, heading east at Dueling Peaks Stable and then at Kakariko Village should be your next route. You can find cool materials in the village, and its inside is part of your quest, so ensure to check.

Next is to go upward at Lanayru Towers and roam around the challenging path to Zora’s Domain. This domain is where you can find the first divine beast, Vah Ruta.

Moving forward, check different shrines until you reach Tarrey Town and find out what’s the important thing inside. Head towards Tech Lab, then Eldin Tower after searching things in Tarrey Town.

The next destination would be Goron City, wherein you can find the next divine beast, Vah Rudania.

Now, there are many maps that you still have to check, like other towers and Korek Forrest. But, this beginner’s guide map above could help you go a long way already.

So make sure to always strategize for your next moves.

Things To Do Before The Final Fight

According to Reactivity, there are five things that you can do to prepare for a big match against the boss.

First is to get your Stasis Plus, enabling you to freeze the enemies and the boss. It’s a good advantage since you can plan tactics while slowing down the opponent.

You can find this inside the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab; ask for a runes upgrade.

The next one is to get some ancient gear, like a Master Sword, which would help you defeat guardians. And once you kill guardians, you can have more materials from them.

Mastering your parrying and dodging techniques should also be your top priority. Training for a controlled counterattack and avoidance are skills to be polished for a better outcome.

Moreover, if you want to train and prepare for the boss, do it with the lionels. They are hard-to-defeat creatures, so it should prepare you for bigger opponents in your final fight.

Lastly, it would help if you upgraded your armors by finding hidden fairy shrives. Upgrades would help increase your defense and give you special powers to ensure victory against giants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to defeat or tame the divine beasts?

Well, interacting with the beasts is not necessary to finish the game. However, they can greatly assist your character in preparing for the final fight.

In the final fight, you must also defeat the divine beasts’ boss, so exposing yourself to them will help you with familiarity.

What is the most difficult divine beast to conquer?

The most difficult divine beast is the camel-like Vah Naboris, placed in the southwestern Hyrule.

It requires many efforts and strategies to defeat since the beast’s three moving parts are all in the body.

Who is Divine Beast Vah Medoh?

Van Medoh is one of the divine beasts in the Breath Of The Wild. It looks like an eagle and has an element of the wind.

If you’re gunning against Vah Medoh, you must maintain a four-generator shield to cover all its wings.

Who is Divine Beast Vah Rudania?

The last divine beast that has yet to be mentioned in this article is the salamander-like Vah Rudania.

Generally, the element it represents is fire and has compartments near four legs where you can find the Guardian Sentries.

How to repair my ancient weapons?

There are not many ways to repair your broken weapons in the game, but there are what you call Octoroks. They are enemies that look like a balloon, which you can find on the water.

What they do is suck up all your weapons. But once you win against them, they will return them looking like it’s new.

This way is the only available up to date to restore your weapon in a game.

What are the other series of Legend of Zelda aside from the BOTW?

Besides the BOTW, there are many other series of the Zelda game, like Majora’s Mask 3D, Tri Force Heroes, and Twilight Princess.

What are fairies’ roles in the game?

They are little creatures with healing powers and can help Link survive the game. Also, they are hidden on the map, so you have to explore to find them. Fairies are also called Navi.

How can I use my Amiibo in the Legend of Zelda?

In BOTW, Amiibo is utilized for special rewards given to players. So if you have Amiibo for a year or recently found it, you can use it to unlock bonuses.

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