What Does A Stellium In The 12th House Mean

What Does A Stellium In The 12th House Mean

In the astrological chart map, having a stellium would indicate that there is a cluster of celestial bodies located together in a single house/orb. Naturally, a single celestial/planet would consist of its own attributes, and so does each of the houses. Now, what does it mean if you’re birth chart is a stellium within the 12th house? Let’s find out!

In order to fully understand this chart, we first need to generally know what the 12th house is. Since we are on the 12th house, it wouldn’t matter what planets are on it, because the house would always generalize the main attributes.

These attributes in the 12th house answer the primal call of human nature. Considering that this house leans towards the subconscious mind, we could indicate that whatever belongs to this house would be subjected to amplification of attributes and maybe even over-indulgence.

This basically means that if you belong here, you have the worst fate when you get unlucky with things like gambling, investments, debauchery, and any other costly endeavors.

Now the 12th house mentioned answers the primal call of our being, therefore it dumbly amplifies our innate nature, answers mysterious unsolvable unknowns gives large amplitude towards self-reflection, and answers itself through calling on our inner self, which in the long run, cannot be answered by anyone but only ourselves.

The 12th house is also known as the house of the subconscious. Now if we relate this to the subconscious mind, even though the subconscious mind is much simpler than the conscious mind, it has proven itself to be wiser through time and long-term survival.

Now this answers the question, what does it mean when several planets fall on this “subconscious house of being”?

Having a stellium in this house would greatly amplify the attributes depending on which planets are in place within the 12th house.

It is important to note that since it is not 1 or 2 in the house but more than 3 elements, we can consider it that elements contained within those houses would be amplified and be reflected (interrelated of course) upon an individuals life whose stellium chart belongs to the 12th house.

What does this mean?

Well, let’s put it like this. Do you have Mars (Aries) in your 12th orb? Great, not only does having Mars make your temper short and your personality fiery, the 12th house would elevate that to an even greater degree. But that’s just one celestial body, and therefore it is not a stellium.

Now think about what would happen if you combine Mars, the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury all in the same house? You would now have a cluster of personalities right? Great! Now amplify those personalities even more since we are in the 12th house!

This… This is what it means to be a stellium in the 12th house. Primal, Strong, and Elevated. If you ever meet someone who has certain distinguishable strong personalities, chances are, they probably are a stellium in the 12th house,

Of course, this is would carry out great advantages for us in our lives, but it will also bring out the worst within most of us.

You see, planetary bodies have their own attributes right? Now it is important to note that some planets are complementary while some contradict one another which could make a stellium’s life either very simplistic, very complicated, or maybe somewhere in between. But well, that’s a topic for another day.

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