What Does Chime Bat Mean On Honeywell Alarm?

What Does Chime Bat Mean On Honeywell Alarm

Many individuals and families would want to ensure their safety; that is why the Honeywell alarm is a great help and a way to keep them secured.

Though Honeywell may be a great resource for individuals and families, it is best to know basic troubleshooting and what each alarm means so you will see the status and what to fix to keep them secured.

You may notice that your Honeywell emits sounds and these sounds come from chime bats. This sound means that the device is running out of battery; sometimes, this is due to a power outage. 

To know more details regarding your Honeywell alarm, read more details below.

What Happens When Honeywell Alarm Emits Sounds?

When your Honeywell Alarm emits sounds, this could be due to a low battery or a risk of being detected. To know the reasons behind the beeping sounds of your Honeywell Alarm, read more details below.

There is a Present Risk

If there is a danger present, your alarm will indeed emit sounds. Most alarm systems are attached to the smoke and window detector, so when they can sense danger, they will indeed emit sounds.

Before you turn off the sounds, make sure that there is no danger like smoke in the room or environment. Most homeowners would set up their alarms to smoke and window devices, so before turning them off, check blind spots like below the door or windows.

There is a power outage.

When your Honeywell alarm is out of power, it will give you a message, but it will also beep to show a signal that there is a power shortage or no power.

Wireless Sensor is in Low Battery

You may notice that the wireless detector keeps on beeping because of low battery issues. Typically, batteries do have a lifespan of 1 to 4 years, and however, due to humidity and temperature, batteries may develop problems.

You will know that there is a battery issue by listening to the beep interval if the beeping interval takes 30 to 45-second intervals. You can also check if a BAT or LOW BAT word shows on your primary device.

You can disable the feature by just turning it off. However, if your battery has not been replaced for years, the beeping would indicate that you need to change it.

Telephone Connection Issues

Most monitored systems are linked to telephone lines. If there is a problem regarding the connection or the landline has a poor connection, it may emit beeping sounds.

If the problem is really about the landline, there will be a message that will display TELCO FAULT or CHECK 94. If in case this is the problem, you may follow the troubleshooting process below:

You need to first check your phone line. If it isn’t working, you need to contact your service provider. If Your phone is working, you need to disconnect it from the control panel.

Then you need to call authorized alarm repair center personnel to check the defect and the problem with the control panel.

Here’s a video on how to deal with system low battery on your Honeywell Alarm:

Steps on How to Turn Off Honeywell Alarm System?

You can turn off your Honeywell Alarm System by simply detaching it from the plug and removing its batteries. First, you need to remove the batteries before unplugging the transformer.

If you plan to turn it back on, you need to plug it into the transformer before putting the batteries back. It should be reconnected automatically, but sometimes, it may take minutes.

In turning off your Honeywell alarm, consider the steps below.

Disconnect the Batteries

The Control Panel of the Honeywell alarm has a backup battery, so to turn it off, you need to remove it first. The location of the bacteria may vary depending on the different systems.

Unplug The Plug-in Transformer

The security panel comes with a plug-in transformer; you need to unplug it to power down the Honeywell alarm. Typically, the transformer is screwed into the wall outlet, so you may need a screwdriver to unscrew the transformer.


You need to double-check if the device has been off by looking at the panel’s display screen or keypad. When the screen appears to be completely blank, you have successfully shit it off.

Here’s a video on how to turn on and off the chime on your Honeywell Alarm:


What is the meaning of alarm chime?

Alarm chimes are the sound emitted by a device to alarm the people in the environment that there is something wrong. Typically it alarms the people that there is danger.

What is BAT in Honeywell Alarm?

BAT means the battery in Honeywell Alarm; it only shows that the battery is running down.

Where is the battery located on Honeywell Alarm?

It is located under the control board, and you can change it by removing the screws.

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