what does fortune do on an axe in Minecraft?

what does fortune do on an axe in Minecraft

Mining is one of the best things you can do while playing Minecraft, but it can take most of your time and patience. Mining with bare hands could take a lot of time; that is why we use tools like an axe. Usually, even with an axe equipped to your character, drop rates of items could still be very low.

This is where enchantments are introduced, specifically the Fortune enchantment. Let us now learn what does Fortune do on an axe in Minecraft.

The Fortune Enchantment

What Does Fortune Do on an Axe? MINECRAFT

A player like you who is dedicated to digging and mining ores to get as much inventory as possible could use the help of an enchantment called Fortune. Fortune is applied to digging and mining tools to increase the drop rates of specific items that you are mining and searching for.

First, the player enchanted his diamond axe with Fortune III using an anvil and kept it in his inventory. The player in the video then started to go around the area and explained that the Fortune-enchanted axe would increase the likelihood of getting saplings, sticks, and apples from trees.

He used his bare hands first to destroy the leaves of the trees, and no items were dropped that time. After equipping the Fortune-enchanted diamond axe, he immediately got three leaves, five sticks, five saplings, and six grass seeds.

An axe that is enchanted with Fortune could increase the drop rate for the following mineral ores:

  • Amethyst Cluster
  • Coal Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Diamond Ore
  • Emerald Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Nether Gold Ore
  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Redstone Ore

Fortune-enchanted axe also applies to increase drop rates in some materials, such as the following:

  • Glowstone
  • Melon
  • Nether wart
  • Sweet Berries
  • Grass and Ferns
  • Beetroots (seeds only)
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Wheat (seeds only)

Fortune Enchantment Levels

It is stated that the Fortune Enchantment has three levels available for players who want to mine and get items faster. To visualize the power to multiply drop rates of each level of Fortune, take a look at the table presented below:

Fortune I enchantment increases the drop rate by 33% more than the regular drop rate. The mid-level Fortune II enchantment can give you a 75% increased drop rate, while the most potent Fortune III can provide you a massive 120% increase in drop rate.


What Is Fortune In Minecraft?

Fortune is an enchantment used in tools to increase the drop rate of items being mined. It can be acquired from the enchantment table, from chests, by fishing, or by trading with a villager. It has three available levels: Fortune I, Fortune II, and Fortune III.

Can I Get A Fortune Enchantment By Fishing?

It is possible to obtain a fortune just by fishing in a water source nearby your constructed house. However, the odds are very low in this type of acquiring Fortune enchantments, but it is still possible if you have the patience.

How Can I Get A Fortune Enchantment From Chests?

Throughout the map are chests you can loot open and find some materials, foods, and enchantments. However, Fortune Enchantment is rare, so you might want to consider searching every corner and chest if you’re going to get this enchantment.

There are four types of chests in the game, namely: Ordinary, Trapped, Bonus, and Ender chests. The ordinary type of chest is the easiest to find, and this is your best chance to find some Fortune Enchantment.

How Can I Get A Fortune Enchantment By Trading With A Villager?

It is mentioned that the Fortune Enchantment is quite rare in the game. That is why you might have to search village by village if you want to find a villager with a Fortune Enchantment to trade with.

In the large map of Minecraft, there are numerous villages that you can explore, but there is no assurance that there will be a villager living there that has a fortune enchantment available for trading.

Once you are in any chosen village, you should look out for the Librarian Trader, an NPC with the highest possibility of possessing a Fortune Enchantment. You can trade things with this Librarian Trader to get yourself the Fortune you have been searching for.

How To Acquire A Fortune Enchantment Using Enchantment Table?

Enchantment tables in Minecraft are the best way to get yourself a fortune enchantment with the cost of some experience points and lapis lazuli. Craft an enchantment table using four obsidian blocks, a pair of diamonds, and a book.

After crafting the enchantment table, you should surround it with 15 bookshelves and place it two blocks away from the enchantment table. The enchantment table will glow with fine particles if you strategically put the bookshelves in their proper place.

Your character should be at least level 30 so that you can gain access to the highest levels of enchantments available. If followed and done correctly, you should be able to interact with the crafted enchantment table by putting a book or the axe that you wanted to enchant and some lapis lazuli.

If, in any case, that fortune is not available in the options, you will have to enchant something else first so that the options would refresh. After doing so, you should see now that the fortune is available.

When enchanting something else, take note to do it with something that costs the least amount of lapis lazuli.  This item is essential in enchantments, and to use it to enchant just to reset the option should be logical.

What Does Fortune Do On An Axe In Minecraft?

Fortune enchantment increases the drop rates of items you are mining or destroying using your axe or any mining and digging tools. It is possible to use your bare hands to mine ores, but you will get a minimal amount of dropped items. Using fortune to an axe makes it capable of mining and digging ores with the highest possible drop rate.

Are There More Items Or Materials That Can Be Affected By The Fortune Enchantment?

Use a fortune enchanted axe on gravel to increase the drop rate of flints from the standard 10% drop rate to a whopping 100% drop rate with the help of Fortune III. This is also applicable to Gilded Blackstone, which can increase the drop rate of Gold Nuggets.

Oak and Dark Oak Leaves can also drop apples more than usual when an axe enchanted with Fortune is used. There is almost zero chance for Oak trees to drop apples when you use your bare hands. Only by using a fortune-enchanted axe will it be possible to drop these apples.

Can Fortune Affect Grass And Ferns?

Grass and ferns are unaffected by Fortune because they have a fixed rate to drop wheat seeds. But if a drop occurs after using a fortune enchanted axe, the maximum number of seeds dropped is increased to two.

What Is The Difference Between Fortune And Silk Touch?

Fortune increases the drop rate of items being mined, while Silk Touch provides you an intact item drop after destroying it with an axe enchanted with silk touch. For example, if you destroy a glass with a silk touch, the dropped item will still be glass.

Can I Use Fortune And Silk Touch At The Same Time?

Fortune and silk touch cannot be enchanted to a single item at the same time. These two are mutually exclusive, so if you already use one to enchant your axe, you cannot use the other enchantment in return.

If you try to use both commands for fortune and silk touch, the latter will take precedence over the fortune enchantment.

Is Fortune Better To Use Than Silk Touch?

Each enchantment has its own advantages and disadvantages against one another. Fortune is better to use if you want to get rich faster because it allows you to acquire more items.

On the other hand, the silk touch provides an intact version of the item dropped. If you used silk touch on an axe and used it to destroy a diamond ore, the dropped item will still be diamond ore and not a diamond.

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