What Does No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends?

What Does No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends

When attempting to locate someone, you may get the error message “No Location Found.” It may happen for various reasons.

The Find My Friends app is a terrific way to remain in touch with friends and family, but it doesn’t always operate as intended. Keep reading to learn what “no location found” means on the Find My Friends app.

About Find My Friends

How to use Find My on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch | Apple Support

Find My Friends is a well-known program that tracks your location and offers information on the whereabouts of your friends, lovers, or family members. Generally, it is helpful for many individuals.

For moms, it may help them know whether or not their children have arrived home safely. Meanwhile, it can make it possible for couples to know where their partners are at any time.

What No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends

There is a problem whenever the Find My Friends shows that it can’t locate my friends. It’s most likely due to an issue with the location service or internet connection.

GPS and the phone’s location service are used to operate the program. If a problem arises, the app’s developers may make adjustments.

Any issues with internal phone functioning may affect GPS and position tracking, leading to inaccurate results. Things may go wrong because of the smallest mistake or grave worry. You won’t be able to keep tabs on anybody else’s whereabouts.

Your Internet Connection is Not Working

To use the Find My Friends app, you must be connected to the internet. An active internet connection is required for the app to locate your position.

You Do not have Location Services enabled for the Find My Friends app

You must have location services enabled for the app to locate you. The software may have trouble pinpointing your precise position at times.

There’s an issue with the Find My Friends

If you’ve already everything mentioned above and is still getting the “No Location Found” notice, there may be an issue with Find My Friends directly. Re-download Find My Friends from the App Store if this is the case.

You should Correct the Time and Date

With the location sharing function, your friend’s time and date must be pre-set on their smartphone. If they don’t have the right data and time set up on their phone, they won’t be able to know where they are.

Automatic date and time changes are an option for those who don’t want to fiddle with the settings.

They’ve Activated Airplane Mode on Their Phone

When in Airplane mode, your phone will not be able to make or receive phone calls or messages. It is a method of operation when the device does not have access to the internet, known as offline mode.

Additionally, when a person switches their phone into airplane mode, their location is effectively lost.

They Stopped Sharing their Location

When you share your locations with a loved one, they have the option to cancel using it at any moment. You will get “no location discovered” if you verify their location and they have decided to discontinue providing their location with you.

When Trying to Locate friends, they are not Logged In

To provide you with a friend’s or family member’s location, “Find my” has turned into an app that has to be downloaded and logged into. For example, if they aren’t logged in from the Find my application, you won’t be able to view their location.

They’ve Turned Off their Phone

You may see the “no location discovered” notice if someone has shared their current position with you and then shuts off their phone. To acquire a real-time location of someone using iMessage or the Find My Phone app, they must have their phone on.

How to Fix the Problem

How to Fix Find My Friends iPhone Location Not Available

The notification “no location found” on Find My Friends will display in the app if the user is not connected to the network. Here are a few resolutions to consider, regardless of your reasons.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Turn on your iPhone’s wi-fi and check whether the problem is with your modem once you have established that you are online.

You may restart your internet connection by turning on and off airplane mode.

Wait Until They Activate Their iPhone

After getting a “no location detected” message while trying to locate someone, the only thing that could do is wait for any of them to reactivate their device. Connecting to the servers with their phone switched on should be possible to see where they are.

Wait Until There Is a Signal

You may be unable to find someone because you’re in an area with poor or no service. Wait for it to reach a signal-rich area before attempting to see its position again if you receive the “no location detected” message.

Tell them to Log Back into Find My Friends; if they Logged Out

Find My Friends is an app that you can get from Apple App Store for your iPhone. Using various smartphone location-sharing tools, you may track your location and the whereabouts of others you care about.

You must be signed into the app to utilize the “Find my friends” option; if your friend hasn’t logged into the application, ask them to do so.

Tell them to Sign in to iCloud again if they’ve Signed Out

The only way to remedy “No Location Found” is to have your friend join back into iCloud. You can’t view their location if they don’t sign in to iCloud.

So, you should tell them if they’ve switched off location settings to turn them back on.

Restart your Phone

Restarting a gadget may get it back to working as it was intended. Performing a clean reset on your iPhone is quick and simple.

Turning off and then back on their gadget is all your friend needs.

Reset Your iPhone Forcefully

Depending on your friend’s iPhone model, you may need a hard reset. Apple’s logo should appear on older devices after tapping the power and volume controls.

Pressing the volume up and down controls simultaneously for a few seconds on a recent iPhone model may reset the phone.

Install the Latest iOS Version on Your iPhone or iPad

Update your iOS to ensure it continues running at its peak performance level. Including security patches and bug fixes is a common practice in software updates and upgrades of existing functionality.

You may set up automated iPhone updates that make your life simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the Find My Friends app show where my friend is?

For various reasons, your friend’s location may be unavailable from Find My Friends. Contact customer support if anything goes wrong.

Does “No Location Found” mean they’ve stopped sharing?

If you see the ‘No location discovered’ notice, your GPS or the Find My Friends isn’t working properly. Within iMessage, the message “You Stopped Sharing Location” will appear if the other person has decided to stop providing you with updates on their location.

Why does it say that the location isn’t available?

Due to a privacy option that Apple has enabled by default, this is what you’re seeing. You’ll need to disable this option if you want to share the location through iMessage.

What to do if your location isn’t available?

Ensure that the app has Location Services enabled. You may also force Find My Friends to reload your location by launching the app and using the “Refresh” button.

How to add friends on Find My Friends?

Open the “Find My Friends” and click on the “Add Friends” option to add a new friend.

How to remove contacts?

On your iPhone, open the app Find my Friends. Select “Remove” from the list of available options.

Confirm that you wish to delete the individual from your contact list.

How to hide my location?

You can encrypt all your data traffic through a secure tunnel when you connect to the VPN server. While browsing online, no one else can tell what geographical area you’re in.

What is the benefit of updating the app?

It doesn’t take long to update your iPhone’s Find My Friends app. Generally, it ensures that your program runs smoothly and is compatible with the latest software versions.

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