What Happens If Someone Reports Your Post Or Account On Instagram?

What Happens If Someone Reports Your Post Or Account On Instagram

Like other social media platforms, Instagram has its community guidelines to ensure that the space is safe and protected. Violating these rules will result in various consequences and repercussions.

But considering the millions of users globally, how will Instagram know that you’re violating its guidelines? There are two options, Instagram has its monitoring team, and if other accounts report your profile for overstepping guidelines.

So, you might be wondering what will happen to your account or posts if you get reported. First, Instagram will notify you about its received report, and once validated, your account might be disabled. Instagram will also delete all your posts.

If you feel like there’s something wrong with their judgment, you can always file for an appeal. However, the easiest way to avoid this hassle is to be wary of your posts and ensure that it is appropriate.

To know more information about Instagram reporting and how to resolve this problem, keep reading.

Recovering Disabled Account

Social media users could experience one stressful event: getting their accounts disabled or banned. So, if you’re among those unfortunate users and don’t know what to do next, content creator Ethan King shared tips.

In his YouTube video, King explained his first-hand experience and what he did afterward to retrieve his account.

Once you’re notified about your Instagram account getting disabled, you must first check if you can file an appeal. There’s an option in that notification allowing you to disagree with Instagram’s verdict.

But, sometimes, appeals take more than 24 hours to process.

Meanwhile, you can also go to Instagram’s help center and look for the form entitled “My Instagram Account Was Disabled.” You need to fill in the following information in the form: legal name, email connected to your account, and handle.

Also, you must tell the platform why you’re appealing, and you need to write short and simple. If you want to be prioritized by Instagram, King said you tell them your lawyer reviewed the judgment.

Moreover, there’s another form you have to fill out. It’s likely the same as the previous one. However, this form will ask you if your account is a business one or not; tell Instagram it’s not.

Afterward, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Instagram Reactivation Request.”

Basically, that is everything you can do. After accomplishing these forms, you wait for Instagram’s response.

King only took 10 mins to recover his account, but you must remember that time varies.

Mistakes That Can Get You Ban On Instagram

Many things constitute violations of Instagram’s community guidelines. However, there are three mistakes that a person usually makes, resulting in getting their accounts banned or permanently deleted.

In a video, YouTuber Anthony Groeper explained these three.

The first mistake is spamming your posts’ comment section or caption with more than 30 hashtags. This action could result in your post getting shadowban from Instagram.

As per Groeper, Instagram might see this as spammy. So, the app will take action and consider the entirety of your post as spam.

Moreover, the second mistake is following and unfollowing many people daily. Most users, maybe including you, practice this method to grow accounts.

However, a follow/unfollow spree could get your account permanently banned.

Another thing is if you are doing the fan page method. It is the process of creating multiple accounts daily. But you must know that doing this method the right way is a good practice to grow followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific number of reports before my account gets deleted?

Some reports identify the number of reports before your account gets deleted, which is 3 to 4 from various accounts. However, Instagram could take down your account by just verifying a violation, even if it’s just from one report.

Will I be able to find out who reported my posts on Instagram?

Reporting on Instagram is done anonymously, so there is a slim chance that you’ll find out who reported you.

However, there are some super technical ways to track them. For instance, looking for the email, Instagram handles, or IP address the reports came from.

How long does it take for Instagram to respond to reports?

The time Instagram responds to reports depends on the violation’s severity and the number of reports in the queue. Normally, the Instagram review team aims to check and respond to concerns and reports within 24 hours.

I want to undo my report on a certain post. Can I do that?

Yes. Go back to the post you reported and click the three dots or the post’s setting part. Once the drop-down menu shows up, look for the report part, then find the “This was a mistake.”

Is it possible to create a new account when my previous one got disabled?

If your account got disabled and you don’t want to file an appeal, you can create a new one. You can use the same email you used in your previous deleted account.

However, you can’t get the same Instagram handle or username since it’s considered taken already.

Can Instagram permanently ban my account?

Yes. Though it’s rare, Instagram has the power to deactivate your account permanently without a chance of recovery. This instance might happen if you’re reported to constantly violating Instagram terms.

Instagram made a mistake. How long until I recover my banned account after the appeal?

Expect your account to be recovered within 48 hours. However, this time only applies to successful appeals.

If you got banned for valid reasons, it would be hard to recover your account.

What are the ways to contact Instagram?

There are multiple ways to connect with Instagram support. One is through email at [email protected], or you can also fill out forms on its site, depending on your concerns.

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