What Happens To A Fly In The Microwave?

What Happens To A Fly In The Microwave

A fly in the microwave will die because it is in a vacuum that heats up very quickly. By passing through the tissue of the fly, the microwave heats the tissue to a very high temperature.

As the fly’s body heats up, the fluid within it boils and expands. The fly’s skin prevents this from happening.

So, the pressure builds up, and the fly’s exterior will burst or explode.

Microwaved Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies In A Microwave?!

Fruit flies are delicate living beings, and the video will attempt to determine whether microwave radiation will harm or kill them.

A piece of grape cut in half is also added to make it a more valid test. Then, they used glasses to cover the subjects because microwave radiation could still pass through them.

They set the microwave to 30 seconds, and the experiment began.

After the time had passed, fruit flies were still alive and well; but the grape had become extremely hot and sticky.

Light is electromagnetic radiation, which means it has an electric field and a magnetic field 90 degrees out of phase. When you have a magnetic field that is constantly changing, you will produce an electric field.

As a result, photons will be able to spread.

However, the electric field represents 7,000 volts and negative 7,000 volts, which is equivalent to the voltage used by the microwave. When the grape interacts with the microwave, it will be exposed to approximately 3000 volts.

Because thousands of volts can already form an electric current, the grape became hot and sticky.

On the other hand, fruit flies are only one or two millimeters wide, occupying a very small portion of the electric field.

However, if you line up several hundred fruit flies to form a wave, and a thousandth of seven thousand volts is only seven volts, it won’t be enough to penetrate flesh. That’s why the fruit flies remain alive.

Fly in Microwave for 3 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a bug to survive being microwaved?

Cockroach in Microwave

Cockroaches are not killed during the heating process because there is no water in their system. They could theoretically live in a microwave indefinitely.

Additionally, microwave radiation is unlikely to cause long-term harm because cockroaches can withstand a nuclear explosion.

Do flies normally end up in the microwave?

Yes, insects can enter your microwave, just as they can your oven, refrigerator, and other appliances. Flies can only get into your microwave if you leave them open.

What happens when a moth is microwaved?

A study for the American Journal Institute for Conservation discovered that microwaving 10% wool fabrics for three minutes at 2450MHz can kill all moths, larvae, and eggs.

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