What is a Female Tiger Called?

What is a Female Tiger Called

When speaking about tigers, what would typically come into your mind is their beautiful animal print and their dominating character.

Though you may know about tigers, there might be a few things you may not know about the female one.

Tigress is the name for a female tiger. It is hard to identify male and female tigers fo they have a lot in common; they have the same characteristics and features with minimal differences.

What Do You Call a Group of Female Tigers?

Ambush or steak is a name for a group of female tigers. As you watch documentaries or read one, you may encounter these words.

When you come across a group of female cubs in a documentary or if you have a tour in a zoo and you have seen groups of cubs, they are called a streak.

Though baby tigers may depend on their mothers, they may go separate ways when the cubs turn six months.

Tiger Fight – Between A Male & Female Tiger

Do Female Tigers Have Stripes?

Female tigers do have stripes. Their beautiful stripes may appear darker and sometimes seen as black.

The stripes of the female tiger may run-up to their underbellies. Their stripes are very attractive as they come with orange pigment.

The stripes of the tigress are the same as the human fingerprint, and each is unique since each stripped design is not the same as the others.

Their stripes are also their survival asset, allowing them to camouflage themselves, especially when prey approaches.

Describe the Female Tiger

The female tiger is no different from the male tiger as both have sharp and large claws, large and powerful jaws, and muscular bodies.

They have sharp and long fangs that make them easily rip the flesh of their prey.

Though female tigers have a very strong physique and features, they are great moms to their young.

When a tigress gives birth, their young and blind and helpless, she provides food for them until they grow into maturity and can live for themselves.

Searching for the Tigress | Secret Life of Tigers

How to Identify a Female Tiger?

You can identify a female tiger by looking at its paw prints, as tigers have large paws, female tigers have smaller ones.

When comparing the body structure, you may notice that the female tiger is smaller than the male one.

When you see a tiger with a young, that would probably be a female tiger as the male ones do not tend to their young.

Also, you can identify a female tiger if it does not roam larger territories, which is in contrast to male tigers, who typically like to roam around wide territories.

What is a Female Tiger Called2


Do tigresses mark their territory?

Both male and female tigers mark their territories as a way of communication. They will use their feces or urine to mark their territory.

How many months do female tigers get pregnant?

Female tigers get pregnant for about three and a half months. Pregnant female tigers may be hard to identify as bumps may appear on the 10th or 12th day of pregnancy.

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