What is com.android.settings.intelligence?

What Is Com.Android.Settings.Intelligence

com.android.settings.intelligence is a file folder for a specific, built-in software pre-installed inside your phone.

This article will discuss this software and why it is on our phones.

What is the Intelligence Software Service

Any “intelligence” service that runs on computers or phones is a pre-installed, built-in application that collects “data” around the phone.

It can collect data or “intel” using built-in gadgets (gyroscopes, dim functions, locations) inside the phone or through the internet.

The software folder can be found inside your file manager or inside your internal phone storage, along with some other folders.

This folder holds a system-wide application that runs in the background of your phone.

The intelligence application is responsible for collecting “intelligence” or data that can be used by the phone.

For example, when you enter a dim room, the software will help identify that the room is dark.

This software can be interconnected with other functions in your phone, like the automatic scheduling of brightness or automatic silent mode during work hours.

Suppose brightness is set to “auto.” In that case, the dimming of the surrounding area will cause the phone to automatically adjust the brightness.

The intelligence app files are hosted in the folder called com.android.settings.intelligence.

These files are needed by the software to be activated.

Force Deleting the files might cause the software to become corrupted, causing your phone to lose some of its functions.

Removal of the intelligence app is not possible in unrooted phones.

Removal of the intelligence app is not recommended.

The Intelligence Software for Android is also responsible for automatic profile switching functions.

This built-in software is tied up with other softwares inside your phone, making them system-wide.

Deleting one of these can cause serious damage to the phone software, causing it to become corrupted.

A corrupted phone software is hard to fix. The easiest way to recover the software is by factory resetting your phone.

If you factory reset your phone, you will lose all files and data inside your phone, including apps, videos, pictures, games, automatic log-ins, and everything else except some basic apps like calculator, clock, settings, camera, etc.

People often misidentify the intelligence software as malware.

Although there might be certain cases where a virus or malware might name itself “intelligence …”, this isn’t often the case.

We do not recommend you delete any system software like the intelligence software.

You must at least back your files up, just in case.

Worst case scenario is when deleting these system-wide files, you will corrupt your phone, and now it will not turn on without a factory reset.

If you have very important files or data inside your phone, you must always consider copying all those data on a computer or on a backup drive.

Otherwise, you will lose everything if things go wrong. (This usually happens when you start deleting important phone system files).

Rebecca White from Quora answers the question about this folder and its functions.

She states:

That (the folder) is a system service that runs when you access your settings on your android device. If you’re looking for suspicious activity on your device, you are looking in the wrong place. 

Running services almost never give you any insight unless someone gets sloppy and doesn’t clone a service name or replace it all together with a rogue version. 

If you want to monitor what your phone is doing, look into “mitm”. Hope this helps.” 

Android System Intelligence Crash On Android Beta 12

According to 9 to 5 Google, Android System Intelligence is the new name for “Device Personalization Services,” with that rebrand rolling out to Pixel phones on Android 11 in recent weeks.

ASI/DPS is responsible for Now Playing, Live Captions, notification actions, Screen Attention, text highlights, and other similar “smart” capabilities.

People have reported that the app is crashing on the android beta.

If you have the same issue, check the 9 to 5 Google Discussion about this topic.

Users on Reddit have also been talking about this issue.

The crashing of the software is not doing anything that is of great concern but the repeated closing of the notification is annoying.

One user on the discussion said that updating the latest google play services has fixed the issue.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, don’t worry because there are other ways to fix it.

Here is a list of methods you can try to fix the problem:

Force Reboot

Hold the power button for a few seconds to reboot your phone.

Force Rebooting your Android device might fix the issue.

The reboot process will clean up any waste on your phone.

It will also recalibrate the apps before finally booting up.

Rebooting can usually take a few minutes, depending on the amount of files you have on your phone and the type of phone you are using.

Clearing the Android Cache

Having too many trash files on the cache might cause some issues.

Maybe this is why you are experiencing problems with the intelligence software.

To clear your Android Cache, follow these steps below:

  1. Open Recovery Mode

Note: Recovery mode is opened by holding down the power button and then choosing recovery mode. 

On some phones however, you need to hold down the [volume down] button together with the [power button] until your phone vibrates. 

Selecting options inside recovery mode are available by pressing the volume up and down button. 

To open or choose a selected option, click on the power button. 

  1. On Recovery Mode, find [Cache Partition]
  1. Find the option to [Wipe] the [Cache]
  1. Click on [Wipe] and wait for the phone to reboot.

How to Boot Into Android Recovery Menu Mode on Samsung Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

Factory Resetting Your Phone

Factory Reset will bring the phone back to its original factory status.

This means that the phone will revert back to the moment when it was first sold.

Factory Reset will wipe everything inside your phone, so we recommend copying all your files into a computer before doing a factory reset.

Also, don’t forget to write down important passwords and usernames because they will also get removed from your phone.

Maybe you have forgotten your password on an important application. Once the factory reset is done, you cannot automatically log in anymore.

Make sure that doesn’t happen!

To make a backup of your data, follow these steps below:

  1. Go to [Settings]
  1. Find Google
  1. Find Backup
  1. Now Find the option inside here to create a backup of your data.
  1. On Samsung Phones, the option should be available shown as [Backup Now]

Now you just need to wait until the phone has finished uploading all your files into the backup drive on Google.

Note that the basic (unpaid) version of Google can only accumulate 15GB worth of data.

If you have more than 15GB of files inside your phone and want to make a backup, you will need to buy more space from Google.

How To Factory Reset a Phone?

Follow these steps below in order to factory reset your phone:

  1. Open Settings
  1. Find the Factory Reset Option inside the settings and follow the instructions.
  1. We recommend using the [Search] function on the settings to easily find the Factory Reset.

How To Factory Reset Android Phone 2021

Going To The Repair Shop

If you have already tried all methods, you can go to the repair shop and pay other people to fix it.

Contact the store where you bought your phone, and they will repair it for you.

If you still have your warranty, the shop might offer a free repair service, so be sure to bring those out if you have one.


Is com.android.settings.intelligence a virus?

No, the Intelligence Software is not a virus.

The Intelligence Software is a necessary app needed by your phone so that it can function well.

Sometimes, the Intelligence Software might bug out or crash.

The crashing or bugging out of the software is not a sign of the virus.

It happens because the developers of the Android Update are still working on the software.

It is only natural for other users to experience bugs.

How to delete com.android.settings.intelligence?

The app cannot be deleted if you are on an unrooted phone.

If you are on a rooted android device, you can delete this folder and all files by finding it on the root storage.

However, this is not recommended because deleting anything that is a system-wide application will cause corruption of your phone data.

Make sure to make a backup file of your files, videos, pictures, and other data before starting to delete important system files.

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