What Is Com Samsung Android App Telephonyui?

What Is Com Samsung Android App Telephonyui

The UI on your Android phone app that appears when a call comes in is known by the package name com.samsung.android.app.telephonyUI on your smartphone. You can perform various tasks with this user interface, such as accepting or declining calls and sending messages.

Generally, numerous app files are operating in the background of the Android system. There are occasions when the package titles for such apps may appear in your activity or another app, and users may not be able to identify which app they belong to.

So, continue reading to learn more about what com.samsung.android.app.telephonyU is for.

OneUI Samsung Android Interface

Samsung OneUI 4.1 on Android 12: Key features

One UI 4.0 offers customized app recommendations, and all widgets—even those made by companies other than Samsung—have rounded corners for uniform design. One UI 4.0 emphasizes added privacy by giving consumers more authority over the permissions that apps request.

Users have the choice to reveal their precise or approximate location when apps request access to the device’s location. For additional information on each new feature, you can check its changelog.

To make One UI 4.0 more user-friendly, cozy, and customizable, Samsung built it from the ground up. So, to increase concentration, it chose a limited color scheme.

However, Android 12’s Material You feature greatly allows users to customize the UI’s appearance.

All app icons now have access to the dark mode. Additionally, it is more dynamic, allowing users to affect the size of said picture-in-picture window easily.

For easier use, the camera app’s user interface has also been redesigned.

To improve the user experience, a few small system-wide improvements have been done. The latest version of Samsung’s proprietary software, One UI 4.0, ranks among the best.

It offers a stylish and contemporary user experience while being loaded with strong features.


What is Com.Samsung.Android.Incallui?

The com.samsung.android.Incallui is for when you make an android phone call. It serves as the device’s interaction with the com.samsung.android.dialer.

It assists the device in identifying the phone number you are dialing and presenting it on the screen. Additionally, it connects your SIM card data to your mobile device.

In essence, it is a call window with numerous options, such as hanging up a call, holding a call, muting a call, and adding another one.


TelephonyUI is a well-known app for calling on Android devices. Generally, the phone’s home screen is where you may find this application.

The dialer is simple to use, and you can see the caller’s name, phone ID and decide whether to accept the call.

Additionally, it is helpful for user-to-user communication. You can choose a telephone app for Android that suits you well because there are so many of them.

This app is a component of the Android phone interface, as the name would imply. Phone calls can be placed and answered with it.

The Android operating system contains this program, frequently provided by phones.

Additionally, it is accessible through the Play Store. You can read more about these features if you’re unfamiliar with Android telephone apps.

TelephonyUI provides a range of caller ID choices and lets you record calls.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s InCallUI app gives you access to a notepad via the user interface and the phone’s telephony software. This application is comparable to other applications.

By pressing the call button, you can turn it on or off.

Safety Regarding com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui

Technology has given rise to various apps and services that people are exploring. However, there is a risk of data compromise.

Many people unintentionally disclosed private information, while others lost money or compromised their information. As a result, you could be concerned about the security of Samsung apps, especially the telephony app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to disable com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui?

You might wish to uninstall or disable the telephonyui app on your Samsung Android device if you don’t use it to make calls. Being a pre-installed system, similar to the Samsung Android app Galaxyfinder, it is important to note that you cannot disable it.

You can really only force it to stop.

Here are the necessary steps to disable the com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui:

  1. Click the main menu on your phone.
  2. Select the Settings application.
  3. Choose the location where all the apps on the phone can be seen usually. This is aptly named the “App Management” option.
  4. Click on the Phone app.
  5. Force Stop the application by clicking on the said button.

Calls cannot be placed or received using the TelephonyUI app for Samsung Android. However, the transitory nature of this command enables you to activate it again by simply repeating the identical steps and pressing the Activate button.

What are the differences between TelephonyUI and InCallUI?

Due to the similar package names and the fact that both system programs contain calls and user interfaces, it can be challenging to distinguish them.

However, the purpose of the InCallUI app is obvious from the name. If you’re on a call, the in-call UI on the screen results from this phone program.

You may access the dialer app, mute the call, end it, make a phone call on a loudspeaker, and perform many other actions from this call screen.

On the Android platform, TelephonyUI controls everything after your phone rings, even before you answer or reject the call.

Is TelephonyUI a virus?

It is not bloatware. In fact, you cannot accomplish any of the tasks mentioned above, let alone make a call, without it.

The TelephonyUI app for Samsung Android only uses the space that the system gives it, not more.

How safe is com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui?

Knowing that com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui is secure, and you need not worry may be a relief. Your personal information is not leaked since Samsung Corporation has it under lock and key.

Additionally, it is not spyware, so you can be confident that it won’t release your information to a third party.

What is InCallUI?

Installing Incallui on an Android device requires navigating to the Applications folder. You can find it inside the Android folder.

It’s a good idea to seek it by name since you can find almost any program or change you want.

So, if you’re unsure where to go, go to the Options menu and then click on “System UI.” It’s also crucial to remember that incallui is a safe app for your phone.

Should you uninstall TelephonyUI?

Your smartphone’s Samsung dialer software is an essential component. It may provide an obtrusive error message when uninstalled, and the removal process will stop it from reinstalling.

How to take note of hidden apps on my phone?

Opening the file browser on your Android smartphone is the first thing you should do if you’re wondering if a certain app is hidden. This often has an icon and lets you view all applications on your phone.

If you’re in the file explorer, choose the Apps tab to list all your installed programs. Then select “Security,” which will display any apps with access to personal information.

Borrowing another person’s phone is another approach to determine whether your Android device has a hidden app. To achieve this, the most popular method is to tap the program window icon, which is often represented by 4 or 6 dots.

The application’s menu will be displayed as a result. However, you can also go to a professional to find hidden apps if you don’t want to talk to the person for the password or search the device.

On Samsung, where is the hidden folder?

Use two fingers to swipe down to reveal the Quick Settings window. To conceal or reveal the app, swipe and hit Secure Folder.

Additionally, you can go to Settings, look in the Biometrics and security section, hit it, and then tap Secure Folder. After logging in, press the Show Secure Folder switch.

How do you disable Android’s monitoring?

You can simply turn it on/off and select the monitored app to disable this feature. Open the settings menu and select Lock Screen & Security > App Permission Monitor.

What are the functions of TelephonyUI?

Some call-related features are handled by this software app on a Samsung Android smartphone. On your Samsung devices, TelephonyUI is in charge of the following:

  • Taking incoming phone calls
  • Turning down inbound calls
  • Showing the caller ID
  • Blocking calls
  • Direct message sending from the call interface
  • Holding a phone call
  • Enables access to the Notes application while placing calls.
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