What is Draco Malfoy’s Middle Name?

What is Draco Malfoy's Middle Name

If you have been a fan of Harry Potter, The name Draco Malfoy is not new to you.

He has played one of the important characters in the book and movie series.

However, there are a few facts and information that you may not know about Draco, including his middle name.

Draco’s middle name is Lucius, and his full name is Lord Draconis Lucius Alexander Malfoy.

If you think that you already knew more things about Malfoy as you are a fan, well, there are more that you need to know. Check more details below.

On June 5, 1980, Draco Malfoy was born at Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England, Great Britain.

His father is Lucius Malfoy, and his mother, Narcissa Malfoy, has one sister named Lixue Malfoy.

Draco was the pureblooded wizard of the Malfoy family.

When he was studying at Hogwarts, he belonged to the house of Slytherin, where he was a founding member of the Venomous clan.

After he graduated from Hogwarts, he took over his father’s role and became the head of the Malfoy clan.

He is married to Astoria Greengrass with a son named Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

Personal Information

One of the iconic features of Draco Malfoy is his white-blonde hair and pale complexion with liquid silver eye color.

He is described as having pointy features; as an older man, he has a receding hairline, making him look haughty and pointed.

When it comes to his personality, he is arrogant and cold. He is known for being on the dark side and a bully to many.Draco Malfoy grew up in a wealthy and arrogant family.

He was raised and believed in the essence of being a pure-blooded wizard and would always look down on the pure-blooded ones and Muggle-borns.

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Magical Abilities

Draco Malfoy has already shown excellent wizarding skills and talents even as a young child.

His magical skill is occlumency, a power that shuts areas of someone’s mind, keeping other wizards from reading the mind of someone.

Occlumencone is one of the skills that are difficult to master. This opposes the skill of the half-blood prince Snape, wherein who tried to read Draco’s mind, but he couldn’t.

He also has the Transfiguration skill as he could conjure a snake when he was in his second year. Such ability is advanced since transfiguration can be learned in the sixth year.

He is indeed a wizard with talent as his wand is made of Hawthorn. Those who have an exemplary and skillful witch and wizard can only possess one.

Wizard Duel: Draco Malfoy vs Harry Potter | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life after Hogwarts

After Hogwarts, Draco married Astoria Greengrass, who is also full blood. They raised their son in a more kind and tolerant than they were raised.

The relationship between Harry and Draco after Hogwarts became much better when they were students though they were not considered near friends.

He continued his life with his wife and son in the Malfoy Manor, living a wealthy life without needing to work.

The Story of Draco Malfoy Explained (+Malfoy Family Redemption)

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