What Jewelry Should A Warrior Wear In FFXIV?

What Jewelry Should A Warrior Wear In FFXIV

Jewelry and accessories are very important when trying to maximize your character’s potential in FFXIV. Additionally, it could also be a way for you to customize your character’s looks.

This guide would help you see how you would be able to choose what accessories you would want to equip on your warrior and how to get glamorous accessories. Read more to find out how!

FFXIV: Top Glamour Pieces

The entire FF franchise’s glamour system for accessories stands for vanity items that you can get or craft in the game.

This system was introduced in Realm Reborn’s update, and it allows the player to transform what their gear looks like into a different look.

The player can use the whole glamour system on all of the different gears on the equal or a lower-tier level than your current equipment.

You have to use a glamour prism to get a copy of the new gear entrusted to your retainer.

A recent change from patch 4.1 made it possible for players above level 15 to use the glamour system.

This goes along with adjusting the level requirements of the quests to unlock this system, such as the “A Self-Improving Man” and “Submission Impossible” found in Revenant’s toll.

The first top glamour piece in the video is the Shisui chest piece from the Shisui set. It features a good summer outfit that can appear in several colors and has already made several appearances in fanarts on multiple sites.

The second glamour piece featured is the head glamour bandage, a headpiece that appears similar to another game character, “2B” in “Nier: Automata.”

At the time, 2B was a very popular character as she was a beautifully designed robot that enchanted many RPG players, especially ones who play Final Fantasy.

The third glamour piece is the Thavnairian Bustier dress. It delivers a feeling of nostalgia toward old franchise players, and it is also a great dress that the player can upgrade to master weaver level 3 with a level requirement of 60.

This chest piece is so good that back in 2015, this price went up to 18 million Gil on the market.

How To Glamour Accessories In FFXIV

The video starts with the speaker talking about their favorite way to get glamour prisms required in glamour crafting.

You would have to approach the Grand Company and exchange them for Grand Company Seals, or you could just craft them after you finish the quest “Absolutely Glamourous” through your level 15 crafter.

Afterward, you would just have to go to your Glamour Dresser to change how your armor looks in the game.


Can Accessories Be Applied To Different Classes?

As there are multiple classes in FFXIV, you can still put different glamour and stat items to any character of your liking. Do note that these stat items will be low-leveled as higher-level accessories are role-locked.

At What Level Do Accessories Get Capped?

Low-leveled accessories are generally good for any character below level 50. If an accessory is above level 50, it is usually already a role-locked item. This means that there are only specific classes that can equip these accessories.

Does Your Role Matter In The Accessories You Wear?

Yes, your roles matter greatly when choosing what stat-boosting accessories you want to equip. There are specific HP boosting accessories for tank classes, attack boosts from accessories for DPS (Damage per second) classes, and healing buffs for healers.

What Stat Is Important For Warriors?

Usually, Warriors are tanks in FFXIV, so accessories with additional defense and HP are important for their arsenal. These stats are primarily associated with the attribute of “Fending.”

One good accessory for warriors is the Darklight Earrings of Fending, which increases Defense by 1, Vitality by 10, Tenacity by 12, Determination by 6, and Strength by 9.

Another one is the Allagan earrings offending, this is like the Darklight earrings, but it has additional vitality and tenacity.

What Are Glamour Prisms?

A glamour prism is required when trying to cast the spell “Cast Glamour.” This spell is necessary for using glamour accessories.

How Do You Obtain Glamour Prisms?

Glamour prisms can be crafted through a recipe.

Additionally, you can buy glamour prisms from different places, such as the Grand Company Quartermasters, for around 200 Company Seals or Shadowbringer zoners, which can be bought with Bicolor Gemstones or Wolf Marks.

How Do You Craft Glamour Prisms?

Every class would be able to create a generic prism when they finally learn the recipe, and it works for all armor types.

You have to finish either the “Submission Impossible” or “Absolutely Glamourous” quests so that you would be able to buy the Master Recipes: Glamorous Set.

Can You Equip The Same Ring Twice?

If you are wondering if you could put the same ring on both hands for your character, you can not.

It would be indicated at the top of your item that it is a “unique” item, which means that you would only be able to wear one at a time.

There is an exception to this rule as you would be able to equip both a weathered and a nonweathered Noct ring.

Where can I get Level 50 Ffxiv jewelry?

For 50-60, travel to Ishgard, then to The Pillars through The Jeweled Crozier aetheryte. Proceed to (X: 7.8, Y: 10.2) and look to your right for a Weaponsmith and Armorer.

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