what should i do when im 17

what should i do when im 17

Seventeen — the age before you become a legal grown-up. For someone who still has a lot to deal with in his youth, you wonder what you should do at 17.

Continue reading to learn about various facts and advice for getting through this life period.

Prepare For The Developmental Milestone

The video highlights the point of view of a girl turning 17, and perhaps her experiences bring out life lessons and realizations that teenagers can relate to.

A precise pointer will benefit someone who is still trying to figure things out, does not have a plan, and is still searching for his purpose and identity.

Take note of the factors given below:

  • Friends

Quality outweighs quantity. You will meet many individuals but surround yourself with those who will positively influence you.

A safe space in which you will feel you belong and will not be pushed to fit in.

  • School

Don’t put yourself under stress and potentially ruin your health. Academic achievement and grades do not entirely define success.

  • Parents

Breaking the ice in your relationship with your parents, finding common ground, and comprehending where they are coming from. Know that they are always looking out for your most significant advantage.

  • Social Expectations

Change stereotypes and embrace acceptance. Comparing yourself to others will not help.

What you see online is not the same as what you can provide uniquely.

  • Passion

Finding what you truly enjoy, what thrills you and brings you joy because it is genuinely your drive. Don’t give up and keep going.

  • Real-life outside the digital world

Spend time disconnecting from the internet. Have a meaningful conversation, interact with people in person, go for a walk, travel, and do various activities that will make you feel alive once you detox from social media.


1. What Do Adults Regret Not Doing While They Were Teenagers?

Regrets must not exist for some people. However, thinking about the past is inevitable for adults who have gone through troubling circumstances.

The next generation can turn this reversely in which must-do can be an aid so that they won’t regret the same things.

First, there is always the distance with your loved one; connect with your family more because time is limited. You create lifelong friendships, live a simple life, and choose connection with what truly matters over money.

After all, an elderly person’s body understands how crucial it is to develop a healthier lifestyle and eating habits at a young age — trying new things, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and investing more in one’s personal development.

You will eventually establish your brand through these activities, where you will have a network and create your name.

When you feel like you’re wasting your time, not doing a side hustle will be a regret. If the chance exists, it will enable you to learn and grow.

Finally, travel more; seek scenery to brighten your soul while you unwind with nature’s majestic beauty.

2. How Do I Work On Financial Freedom As A Teenager?

Develop the mindset of a millionaire at an early age by establishing smart financial goals. Always use your talents and skills to your advantage and do your best to complete the task at hand.

Be frugal by learning the art or science of it. To keep debt from accumulating, you must pay off existing debt and devise a strategy to avoid future debt.

Investing is never too early or too late. Choose to make money from a wide variety of sources.

3. How Should A Teenager Handle Money?

This video will help you study how to utilize budgeting, expense tracking, and savings effectively. Data shows that over half of 15 to 17-year-olds who earn money at this age track their earnings and expenses.

At the same time, almost two in three who get a regular, defined amount are more likely to be mindful of their financial incomings and outgoings.

Here are some of the essential documents you need to prepare while you’re still young:

  • Voting Registration
  • A Signed Authorization on HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act)
  • Medical Power Of Attorney (POA) Or Health Care Proxy
  • Durable Power Of Attorney (POA)
  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act)

5. How Do You Balance Academics And Your Personal Life?

Time management is essential for balance — prioritizing what comes first and taking on one responsibility at a time.

It is also the time to shift your viewpoint on perfection. Do your best and create reachable high-achieving goals.

Do not strive for perfection and commit unnecessarily long periods to academics. Instead, take a comprehensive approach to better oneself in all areas: academics, social life, mental health, emotional well-being, and so on.

Concentrate on the current moment and know when to say ‘no.’

6. How Do You Look After Your Entire Well-Being At A Young Age?

According to research, the following are the advantages of social connection:

  • Increased happiness – According to one persuasive study, a crucial distinction between happy people and less happy people was solid relationships.
  • Better health – In recent research on elderly persons, loneliness was linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure.
  • A longer life – During nine-year research, people with strong social and communal links were two or three times less likely to die.
  • Positive emotions – This includes laughing, which is beneficial to your health. Also, leisure activities provide a distraction from problems.
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