What to Do If Your Tire Falls Off While Driving?

What To Do If Your Tire Falls Off While Driving

One day, you may be having a good trip when all of a sudden, your tire falls off. What should you


Can you just steer back onto the road? Is having a tire fall off while driving a big deal?

You must know that this is a big deal. You should know that this situation is dangerous.

So, what can you do? First, you should not panic.

You can have the situation under control if you will not panic. Try to move your vehicle away from the traffic.

You should know that it will start to behave abnormally. Your car will pull towards the side from where the tire fell.

If the tire that has fallen off is from the front, it will affect the steering. To get a better pull, you should step on the brakes.

Because the rear wheels are still there, you can slow down. So, the first thing that you should do is to apply the brakes slowly.

You should ascertain to get away from the traffic. As the driver, you cannot do so much after your tire has fallen off and started to roll uncontrollably.

Try to steer away from the danger and protect yourself from any possible danger.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you may watch the following video:

Steps to Follow If Your Tire Falls Off While Driving

1. Keep on Looking Ahead

You should give attention to what is in front of you. Do not focus your attention on the tire that has fallen off.

You must look straight ahead to avoid any obstacles.

2. Attentively Steer Over

You must carefully steer your vehicle over. By doing this, the off-road tires will not scrub the pavement edge.

3. Apply Brakes Slowly

Apply Brakes Slowly

You should not slam on your brakes. Rather, apply brakes slowly.

If you do hard braking, you can make your car skid.

4. Slow Down

Slow down to a speed of 25 mph or lower. At this speed, you will not lose control of your car.

5. Get Off the Road

Get completely off the road if possible. Go to a safe place where you can stop your vehicle.

The Reasons Why a Tire Falls Off While Driving

● Incomplete Tire Service

You have to ascertain that your tires are good. This includes regularly checking for cracks and bulges.

You have to ascertain that your tires can carry the weight of your vehicle while driving. Failing to do this will be a source of the possibility that your tire can fall off when you are driving at great speed.

This can be possible if there is a problem during the installation of your tires.

● Tire Pressure Issues

When you have low tire pressure, you have a great risk of having a blowout. So, do not drive with underinflated or overinflated tires.

Underinflation can create heat buildup and can damage the tire’s structure. Overinflation can be a cause of excessive rolling resistance and can also damage the tire’s structure.

● Damaged Wheel Bearing

When you have damaged wheel bearings, your tire can fall off. The wheel bearing is what keeps the tire onto your car.

It cannot support the weight of the vehicle if it is damaged. This will allow the tire to fall off.

● Wheel Seizure

Wheel seizure can happen when the bolts of your tires become loose. The wheel cannot turn freely.

This will cause your car to shake violently while you are driving at great speed. You may not control your vehicle because of a lack of traction.

It will also be difficult for you to drive on slippery roads.

● Bent Hub or Rims

The wheel may not be held correctly if the rim is bent or damaged. The tire may fall off when you hit a bump.

The wheel may also become loose while driving.

● Wheel Stud Failure

One of the common reasons for wheel separation is wheel stud failure. A stud may fail for two reasons.

The first is the stress on the wheel and axle assembly. This happens when there is improper weight distribution, excessive wheel rotation, and improper tire inflation pressure.

The second is the improper torque on the lug nuts. You must ensure that you torque your lug nuts according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Improper torquing can be a reason for premature wear on your studs which can lead to falling off of your tire.

● Lug Nut Failure

Because of vibration and corrosion, lug nuts can become loose and fall off. They are torqued when you install your wheels.

They cannot endure the high stresses that can be placed on them if the lug nuts are loose. The wheel can fall off when there is a centrifugal force.

● Incorrect Tire Maintenance

Improper tire maintenance can be a cause of tire failure. Its most common form is underinflation.

Underinflated tires do not have full traction. Tires can heat up more easily.

This can lead to a blowout.

● Improper Installation

Improper Installation

The most common reason why a tire can fall off is improper installation. The wheel assembly is not installed properly.

Three factors can make an improper installation. They are improper tire pressure, improper alignment, and improper pressure.

When tire balance is improper, you can experience vibrations in the steering wheel. It can make you feel rough when driving.

Your vehicle will pull to one side when you drive. You will have a lack of balance between the front and rear wheels.

Thus, you can have excessive wear on your tire. When this happens, you can have a tire failure.

Another problem that you can encounter is improper pressure. When your tires are overinflated, they can be deformed and brittle.

The excess pressure can give you poor handling. Thus, your tire can fall off over time.

Another factor is improper alignment. If the installer of your tires is not well-trained, there will be an improper rotation.

It can result in uneven wear of your tires and can be a reason for a blowout.

If you want to know how you can install your tires properly, you can watch the following video:

● Tread Separation

When the tread begins to separate from the steel belts, it can lead to the detaching of the tread of the tire.

As the tread wears, it can cause the tire to fall off when driving.

● Mounting and Demounting Effects

Issues of tires falling off can happen from mounting and demounting errors. This can be caused by replacements and tire rotations.

Air guns are used by mechanics to tighten and loosen wheel nuts. If the guns are not calibrated, it can lead to wearing out of the lug nuts.

If the lugs and nuts have worn out, they could run loose and be a cause of falling off of a tire.

Mounting and demounting errors can be the most common reason why a tire falls off. So proper installation should be maintained.

● Anything That Loosens Your Tire

There are the most common culprits which can be the reason why your tire can fall off. Tires can be loose by broken hubs, loose lug nuts, fastening failures, and axle failures.

● User Error

User error can cause your tire to come loose and fall off. One of the examples is when you fail to tighten and secure your lug nuts as you change your tires.

● Errors in the Manufacturing Process

The manufacturer can issue a defective part on your vehicle. For example, lug nuts, axles, or hubs can have a defect.

Who Will Be Responsible for a Tire Fall-Off?

Tire falling off can lead to injuries and death. So, an investigation can happen because of the incident.

When deciding who is at fault, the following factors are considered:

  • If the driver does not do the proper maintenance and inspection of the vehicle
  • If the driver knows short-term defects in his or her car and does not want to repair them.
  • If any repair has been made with the car and the mechanic missed out on something
  • If the manufacturer produced a defective feature of the car
  • If a car dealer sold a car with defects


Can My Tire Fall Off While Driving and Cause an Accident?

Yes, tires can fall off while driving and this will lead to an accident. You will lose control of your car and it can roll over.

As a result, serious injuries may happen. You can also cause injuries to other people in the incident.

What Happens If Your Tire Falls Off While Driving?

When your tire gets detached from your car, you will lose control of your car. You will end up in a roadside accident.

To avoid this to happen, you should know the things that cause a tire to fall off. Through this, you can prevent all of them from happening with your tire.

Can a Rim Fall Off While Driving?

Yes, a rim can fall off while driving. The common causes of this are overtightening the bolts and over-torquing the lug nut.

A wheel runoff accident will happen to you if your rim falls off while you are driving.

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