Where is the Activity Tab on the Cash App?

Where is the Activity Tab on the Cash App

Curious about where to find the activity tab on the Cash App? The video below shows you the way.

The video instructs you to open your Cash App first. Look for the clock icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your cash screen, and there you will see the activity tab.

When you click the activity tab, you will see a list of all the people in the application whose Cash App accounts interacted with yours.

All your payments are recorded in your activity tab. If you want to review your payment history, select a payment activity, and the app will show you the activity’s details and status.

Activity Tab on the Cash App

Like Venmo, Cash App is at the front line of the apps that offer convenient peer-to-peer money transfer services. With this advanced application, payments do not have to be carried out through the transfer of physical bills.

Early on, money transfers that made us move from one location to another are done differently today; however, researchers believe that more than 13 million users will prefer online transfers by 2023. You can make a successful money transaction by simply tapping on the Cash App on your phone, giving out a few clicks.

As a user of the Cash App, it’s convenient if you know how to navigate well around the app. Start it with getting well-versed in the activity tab, as it is one of the significant features of the Cash App that you have to be knowledgeable about.

As elaborated above, the location of the activity tab can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of the app’s home screen.

Once you’ve had access to the activity tab, you will be able to see details such as the recipient’s name, amount sent or received, the time it was processed, the corresponding date, and so on.

The primary function of the activity tab is to record all the transactions your account has had involvements with. As its task is to show you your account’s history, the app gets logged in the activity tab every time you send or receive a payment.

Aside from your transactional history, you can also view the status of payments, such as pending payments.

The app is reliable, especially when you want to check your balance and all other statuses after every transaction.

It basically displays your activities instantly, keeping you away from unnecessary inconvenience.

However, like most apps, malfunctioning happens, which causes some delay in updating your activities. If such delays happen, check your cash app activity by following the steps offered below:

1. Locate the clock icon at the right-hand bottom corner of your screen.

2. Click the activity tab

3. The tab displays a list of the people you have had interactions with on the application

4. Among your contact list, choose a payment activity to review the status.

5. You’re done! Congratulations!

Being properly guided as you use the app keeps you from consuming time figuring out how the app works. The steps presented above, thus, allow you to efficiently navigate through the app.

Let’s jump into a more elaborate discussion about the app so that you would be more comfortable and confident in using the Cash App.

Missing Cash App Transaction

Ever worried about not having to see real-time changes in the activity tab’s translation of your transaction? Don’t stress yourself out, as this is a common cause for Cash App users.

As this is a regular occurrence in using the app, you should expect things that might not be logged in to your app activity. These are: (1) receiving payment, (2) missing payment, and (3) payment canceled.

When your activity tab doesn’t give any update, the reason is you are still processing the transaction with your Cash app. You might be too early to check the record as your transaction is yet to be fully completed.

When this happens to your account, the app could report that your payment is either missing or canceled. However, you can still address this problem, so don’t panic too quickly.

While that’s just one case, here are more cases and all the possible reasons why you are experiencing this.

Sometimes you have received money through the app, but there is no trace in the activity tab.

Possibly, your internet connection has errored, so it would be better to check and refresh your internet connection. Once restarted, double-check if your mobile device is still connected.

If you’ve made many attempts to fix the problem, but still no method appears to be working, consider the possibility that you might have unintentionally deleted the Cash App.

If it seems to be the case, make sure you log out and log in with the correct login details. Try cache-clearing when you have successfully logged in, but the activity tab still doesn’t display your payment activity.

When all these methods fail, your last resort is to contact the app’s customer service to have you assisted.

Now that you know how to address the problems you and others usually encounter while using the Cash App, let’s proceed with one of the most common concerns users worry about.

It’s time to talk about who gets to see your activity on Cash App. Do other Cash App users get to monitor your activity on Cash App? Find out in the following discussion.

Privacy of Activity on Cash App

Most users ask whether their Cash App activity is public, so it won’t be surprising if you also wonder who has access to your activity details.

You alone can access your activity history within the app. Therefore, to answer the question of other people can view your activity, the answer is no.

As discussed above, your account’s history of transactions is viewable in the Activity tab.

If you want to clear your past transactions, Cash App does not allow you to do that. The alternative way of securing your access to your activity tab is to change the PIN lock, but make your hashtag searchable and have the payment requests enabled.

It’s normal to be dubious about the level of security that covers your account because Cash App asks quite a lot of information about you.

It’s important to note that Cash App is a money-transfer app, meaning that they need all the necessary information they could get about you to verify your identity.

However, some users feel that the protection of their account is risky as the app requires information such as the language of your device, the network provider, and other details that seem odd.

If you share the same concern with those skeptical users, strengthen your security by regularly changing passwords and activating two-factor authentication before accessing your account.

Two-factor authentication ensures the privacy of your transaction as verification codes are only sent to your smartphone. Consequently, on the other end of the transaction, the only person with access to essential transaction details is your money or payment recipient.

Returning to privacy, are your transactions on Cash App private? The answer is yes. In fact, Cash App allows you to enjoy anonymous transactions because its advanced technology offers that function.

By now, you should feel secure because people have no way to access your private data because of the app’s function and the layers of authentication you could make while making a transaction.

Don’t worry about losing your app; you can fix that by deleting your account and clearing the activity tab.

However, losing your cash is a different case; it doesn’t allow you to delete your record of transactions. The reason is that all the transactions you made are private to you.

Editing Cash App History

Can you hide your cash app transaction history? The answer is no, you can’t hide it. But if you really want to clear your transaction history, totally deleting or closing your cash app account is the best alternative to make it happen.

The video reminds you of a few things that you need to do if you choose to close your cash app account.

Firstly, the app instructs you to withdraw all your money from your account. There are two options you can do: (1) transfer your balance to the cash account of someone you trust, or (2) go to your bank or ATM machine (i.e., if the balance is small) and withdraw all the money.

You’re ready to close down your account if you’ve successfully withdrawn or transferred your money.

Once you’ve deleted your account, you can reopen another account on the app. However, you must input different details, such as your phone number and email address.

If you don’t know how to close your account, just follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Person icon
  • Click on the “Support”
  • Click on the “Something else.”
  • Click on the “Account settings.”

NOTE: You are shown a set of instructions: (1) you need to cash out your balance, and (2) you’ll have an option to close your account.

  • Click on the “Close account.”
  • You’re done! Congratulations!

NOTE: If you opt to close your account, be reminded that all transactions linked to your previous account will be unavailable to you on the app.

You should know that Cash App is a standardized financial system. This means you can close down your account to delete all your past transactions, but it doesn’t mean it gets dissolved on the internet.

The chances are high that Cash App holds a copy of your transaction records in their database. For legal purposes, your records will undoubtedly be kept for years after you close your account.

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