Why Are Suvs So Popular

why are suvs so popular

It is possible that each time you turn around you see an SUV passing. The question that most people might ask themselves would be, why are SUVs so popular? How did they manage to overtake sedans?

What most people might not know is that SUVs have been around for a while now. However, a few things have driven up the demand for SUVs recently. Over the last decade, more people have opted for SUVs and crossovers and the manufacturers seem to be encouraging it too.

Here is why you may also consider getting yourself an SUV

1. The ride quality is better

For the longest time, SUVs were seen as rugged and mostly meant for offroading. As you can imagine, the ride quality was not always the best. That has changed a lot over the last few years since manufacturers now make them handle like sedans.

We have seen them also now having improved technology such as softer suspension. When you drive one right now, it would feel like a passenger car.

Of course, the comfort also had to be improved too to make them more desirable than using a sedan.

The design language has also evolved making the SUVs look better and not just boxy vehicles. You would also come across many sleek SUVs right now in the market.

Here is a video showing the different SUV designs you can get in the market today

2. Improved fuel efficiency

SUVs have always been fuel guzzlers, but that has changed. Most of the SUVs had inefficient V8 engines. These engines would not produce much power to justify their existence.

In the place of V8 engines, there are now several fuel-efficient engines. You are likely to find a 4-cylinder engine in most SUVs right now but still producing enough power to push the heavy vehicle.

Many manufacturers have embraced hybrid technology. So, even if the 4-cylinder engine might seem to underpower the SUV, however, the addition of hybrid technology makes it better. It means the engine is even supplemented.

Other than the hybrid motor, some have turbos to get the most power out of the smaller engines. Well, you can still come across a V8 SUV in the market still. It all depends on the manufacturer.

3. SUVs are versatile

SUVs are versatile

Due to the design and raised ground clearance, more people love owning SUVs as it gives them the best versatility generally.

You can easily enjoy driving the vehicle on-road and off-road at the same time. So, rather than having different vehicles for different applications, you can just have one for all of them.

Ever since the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, people now want to get out more. This means carrying more stuff and going over different terrains. As you can see, SUVs should give you more versatility that you actually need.

4. SUVs are practical

SUVs being practical is the biggest reason you would find people buying them in the first place. Some find them offering the station wagon practicality but in a taller package.

Other than SUVs, you can also get the crossovers, which are the smaller versions of SUVs but still have the same practicality.

SUVs having additional back seats mean that you can carry a lot more people. Also, these seats are foldable to provide more cargo space you might need depending on what you need to carry.

This means you can use the SUV from Monday to Friday for commuting to work and then get out of town for the weekend to explore different places too.

Here is a review of SUV practicality

5. SUVs offer room for growth

One thing that will always work for most people buying SUVs is that they give you room for growth.

A good example is that you do not need to change the vehicle more often if you get a family. Most parents also love SUVs because they are easy to get in and out. The same cannot be said for some sports cars or sedans.

6. Improved safety

Improved safety

People have always been worried about the safety of SUVs because of their raised ride height. People feel like they can easily tip over compared to the sedans.

However, that is not always the case. Also, car technology has changed a lot for you to worry about the SUV tipping over easily.

A lot of safety designs have gone into making SUVs safer. You will commonly find SUVs having more airbags compared to standard cars. Recent safety testing shows that the Mazda CX5 is among the safest cars you can buy today and it is an SUV.

So, safety should not be something that gets you worried.

7. They get marketed more often

Ever since car manufacturers found out that there is a huge market for SUVs, they seem to advertise these vehicles more often. It is why each time you look at adverts on your TV it would be an SUV. This is definitely going to make you consider getting one.

Also, manufacturers are also making more SUVs. Considering there is more profit margin for the auto manufacturers, expect them to continue making more SUVs.


Are SUVs cheap to run?

This will be a big deal for most people. You should not be worried so much about the maintenance of SUVs as the build quality is better and regular maintenance will not cost you a lot.

Can SUVs be sporty too?

It depends on the type of SUV that you get. Like the Ford Kuga, it is quite sporty in terms of looks and performance. You can also get most having the performance modes as part of the package.

Are SUVs safer than sedans?

It largely varies from one SUV to another. There are some that would be safer while others not so much. We recommend you research more about the safety of the SUV before settling for it.

Does an SUV have a lot of storage space?

This is probably the main reason you pick an SUV. Space is not something you worry about when you get an SUV. Compare different models in the market to see how they differ in terms of space before settling for one.

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