Why Are They Called French Fries? What Do French Call French Fries?

Why Are They Called French Fries

Despite their name, the origin of french fries can be traced back to Belgium. Historians believe fries were first introduced to American soldiers stationed in Belgium during World War I by local villagers. Because French is the dominant language in southern Belgium, the meal was dubbed “French” fries.

What Is The Origin Of French Fries

Now back to fries. There is a large debate over the true origins of this method of cooking potatoes. Because the adjective “French” is in the name, many people equate the invention of french fries to chefs in France.

The origin of fries can be traced back to Belgium, where historians suggest that Belgian villagers fried potatoes in the late 1600s.

According to Belgian folklore, impoverished villagers in the Meuse Valley often ate fried fish caught from the river. When the river froze over the winter, fishing became impossible, forcing the villagers to seek alternative food sources.

So, the people resorted to cutting potatoes into thin slices and frying them in the same manner as they would fish.

What Do They Call French Fries In France?

In France and other French-speaking countries, fried potatoes are formally pommes de terre frites, but more commonly pommes frites, patates frites, or simply frites.

How French Fries Were First Introduced

It’s assumed to be introduced to American soldiers stationed in Belgium during the First World War by the Belgian locals. Because French is the major language in southern Belgium, they nicknamed these excellent potatoes “French” fries.

Alternatively, French fries were invented in the 1780s by street sellers on Paris’s Pont Neuf. They might be Spanish, given that the Spaniards were the first Europeans to discover the South American potato.


What makes a good french fry?

The ideal fry should be light and golden in color. By looking at the surface of a French fry, you can typically tell if it is overdone. Fries with black stains or burns usually have less-than-ideal tastes. When eating French fries, the last french fry should be able to keep its shape.

Not satisfied? Check out thespruceeats.com for an in-depth tutorial on making homemade french fries.

Why must french fries be fried twice?

While not all french fries recipes are the same, there are a few that suggest deep-frying the potatoes twice. Some believe that the first fry gets to the exterior to form a watertight barrier. That way, when you re-fry them, they will stay moist.

Others argue that the first fry cooks fries through the center; if you omit that step, your fries will brown on the outside but uncooked inside.

What do you call french fries with the skin on?

Fries with the skin on are called potato wedges or simply wedges. Potato wedges are long, thick-cut, wedge-shaped fries with the potato skin still on and cooked by baking or frying.

Fries are often chopped into thinner, perfectly-cut strips, while wedges, on the other hand, get their shape from being radially sliced around the potato to form a triangular shape.

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