Why Did Walmart Deactivated My Account?

Why Did Walmart Deactivated My Account

Walmart has an online store where you can buy their products.

Walmart’s online stores have several policies you need to follow so that you will not get banned.

Violating their policy will cause your account to get deactivated.

Reasons Why Your Account Got Deactivated

The easiest way to know the reason why your account got deactivated is by checking your email.

Linking an email address is a requirement when creating your Walmart account.

If your account got deactivated, you should check your email.

Walmart will send you a message containing the reason why they banned your account.

Here is a list of reasons why your account got deactivated:

  • Your account got reported
  • The system noticed your suspicious activities
  • Your account got suspended by accident (very rare)

Walmart Website Terms of Use Violations

Misbehaviour on the online store is the most common reason why people get banned on Walmart.

If you have been acting against the Walmart store policy, you will definitely get your account suspended.

Here is a list of violations that can get your account deactivated:

  • Copyright Infringement

Using Walmart trademark will cause this violation

  • Security Breach

Trying to hack inside their app or website

  • Unauthorized Access

Using an account which is not yours or trying to access higher levels without permission

  • Spamming, Flooding, Mailbombing, and Crashing

Sending multiple messages at once

  • Unsolicited Emails

Sending unrelated or 3rd party emails

  • Forgery

Faking your documents

  • Fraud

Lying on your reviews or product

  • False Advertising

Advertising your product in a way that doesn’t match the real description

  • False Product Description

Putting descriptions which are totally irrelevant to the product

  • Offensive and Derogatory Comments

Being rude and mean in the messaging page of Walmart

  • Disrespectful Behaviour

Being insensitive or rude to customers or sellers

  • Lying on Product Comments/Reviews

Paying people to create false reviews or creating fake accounts to make false reviews

  • Libel

Making someone on Walmart look bad by lying about their service

  • And other misdemeanours that can cause harm to the website, brand, and everyone else who uses Walmart.

If you need to know more, be sure to check the Walmart Website Terms of Use

Getting Reported On Walmart

Your account will get deactivated if other users report you.

This applies to both Merchants and Buyers.

As a merchant, you need to make sure your products fit the description.

Lying to customers will cause nothing but trouble.

They will certainly report you because they are angry about the product.

Being a rude and fraudulent buyer on Walmart will cause the exact same thing.

The store or the merchant will report you.

This will cause your account to get deactivated.

Getting Banned Due To Suspicious Activities

The Walmart website may have a detection system where an AI (Artificial Intelligence) will keep track of your actions.

Engaging in suspicious activities like phishing or 3rd party injections will cause the AI to ban your account

Getting Accidentally Deactivated On Walmart?

Sometimes, your account might get deactivated for absolutely no reason.

Users from platforms like Reddit have complained about their account getting deactivated.

An accidental account deactivation may or may not come with an email message stating the reasons.

Either way, if you think your account got deactivated for no reason, be sure to call Walmart store.

Walmart Customer Service Number: 1-800-925-6278

Why Your Walmart Account Got Suspended

Reasons for the Walmart account Suspension? | Why Many Walmart Seller Accounts Get Suspended?


How To Reactivate My Account?

A suspended account cannot be reactivated without contacting Walmart Customer Service.

You need to contact Walmart and tell them your problem.

If they think you are eligible for reactivation, they will give you instructions so that you can get your account back.

How To Create a Walmart Account?

Follow these steps to create your Walmart Account

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to Walmart.com
  3. Somewhere in the top right corner, you can see the [Account] option
  4. Click on it
  5. Find [Create an Account] and then click on it
  6. Enter the require information on the form
  7. After writing down all the required information, click on [Create Account]
  8. Now you have your Walmart account

How To Create a Walmart Account

Having a Walmart account is useful.

With a Walmart account, you can do the following:

  • Check Order Status
  • Create an Address Book where you can store all necessary names, phone number, and other informations
  • Upload pictures online
  • Have a wishlist for easy product tracking
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