Why Does FedEx Take So Long To Deliver

Following the submission of your purchase, the seller will provide you with tracking information. The carrier and expected delivery date are included in the tracking information.

You may encounter FedEx issues that cause your item to be delayed. In reality, there are instances when FedEx may take an eternity to deliver your items. So, why does FedEx take too long?

One of the typical reasons FedEx would delay a box is that they determine it has to be delayed, analyzed, probed, or searched by the appropriate authorities.

How Does FedEx Process its Deliveries?

Knowing the process of how FedEx delivers your packages can help you understand why it takes longer for them to send them.

So, in this video, a FedEx driver will explain when your delivery will arrive. Also, he’ll mention the routes and what might happen during the “out for delivery” stage of the process.

Common Reasons for Delayed Shipping

For online shoppers, the wait for your product to arrive can feel like an eternity. Especially when you’re eagerly anticipating its arrival.

So, what are some of the most common reasons for delayed shipping? And how can you combat them? Here’s a quick look at some of the most common culprits:

1. Wrong Address

This reason is, in fact, one of the most prevalent scenarios FedEx takes so long to deliver. In fact, there are various possible explanations for an inaccurate address on the shipping label.

The most common reason is that it sometimes starts with you, as a buyer’s mistake. It’s conceivable that you might have inadvertently entered the incorrect shipping address into the form.

This can also happen if you, the buyer, have multiple shipping addresses on file and inadvertently selects the incorrect one to send to.

2. Bad Weather

This is another typical reason FedEx takes so long to arrive. While rainstorms will not halt FedEx, certain extreme weather will cause deliveries to be delayed.

Driving in severe thunderstorms is perilous. FedEx drivers may have to stop until the storm passes before continuing to drive.

Additionally, storms that rage all day may cause your product to be delayed by a day or two.

In addition, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and tropical storms may all inflict damage on the road. Hence, it may require the car to come to a halt since the road must be cleared.

3. You aren’t there to receive the Package.

Some deliveries require the package’s receiver to sign for it. Otherwise, FedEx will be unable to give the package.

So, If you are not there to accept the item, FedEx will return it and reschedule delivery. In fact, it may take FedEx a long time to deliver the package if the receiver is not present to sign for it.

In some situations, anybody at home can sign for the item, but only if they are over 18. The FedEx driver may have attempted to deliver your item, but they could not do so since no one of the legal age was there to sign for it.


When I check “tracking,” why isn’t my shipment moving?

Between pickup and delivery, packages are scanned at several locations. The frequency of scans varies, and it’s not uncommon for a shipment to go more than 24 hours without receiving an update while on its journey to its final destination.

This is especially true during extended durations of travel. It can appear that your package isn’t moving, but it’s actually in transit to the next location where it will be scanned and/or delivered.

Can I find out where my shipment is at all times?

Yes! You can keep track of your shipment. You can view the anticipated arrival time window for qualified goods and obtain progress updates with near real-time tracking.

Alternatively, if you want additional visibility, try FedEx Delivery Manager. You can track your incoming and outgoing parcels and receive alerts and notifications throughout the delivery process.

Can I arrange a delivery time for my package?

Fortunately, Yes! The FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to personalize your delivery choices, manage delivery schedules and locations, and get notifications and alerts about the status of your item throughout the delivery process, all from your smartphone or desktop computer.

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