Why Does It Say No Location Found For Someone?

Why Does It Say No Location Found For Someone

Your iPhone has a navigation system that allows you to navigate various places. If your iPhone doesn’t know where you are, the “No Location Found” notification will pop up instead of the usual “Map Loading” message.

This is how you’ll know your iPhone is trying to find your phone’s current location but can’t. What does this mean? Keep reading to learn more!

What is No Location Found?

iOS 13’s New “Find My” App: Everything You Need to Know!

Location is a feature that is very helpful in identifying where you are. It also allows you to catch up with people in your immediate vicinity and allows you to access useful services.

Sometimes, however, the location service may not work correctly. iPhone users may receive an error message saying “no location found” when setting a location to check in with friends or get directions.

It can occur due to a slow network connection. If this happens, try rebooting your device or disabling background apps until you see the issue resolved.

Also, don’t forget to update the software on your devices. Know-how out-of-date applications can lead to inconsistency, crashes, and data loss.

No Location Found vs. Location Not Available

How to Fix Find My Friends iPhone Location Not Available

The location of your iPhone may not always be available in Find my Friends or iMessage. Apps such as iMessage won’t display their location if the app is running in the background.

If your GPS says “No location found,” this device is trying to find your location but isn’t locating it right now. It could take time before the device finds a signal, and the time can vary depending on coverage area and signal strength.

When no location is available, there isn’t a signal anywhere in range, possibly because you are underground, in a building with no signal, or just not connected to the network.

Additionally, when traveling through unknown terrains and losing signal, your phone automatically shows you the “no location found” message. This means that your device cannot receive the location update from satellites or GPS but is trying hard to locate the device on its own.

The “location not available” notification will appear when your service cannot locate your device. Generally, the device may be turned off, or it could be in a location where its GPS signals cannot reach.

Reasons Why No Location Found Happens

If you can’t see your current location in the Find My Friends app, it is important to know that this may indicate that your device cannot connect with Apple’s server.

Here are several reasons why this happens.

Unstable Internet Connection

It’s important to note that the app will not work without an active internet connection, so ensure you can stay connected. If you don’t have wifi or data, the app won’t be able to find your location.

Location Services Turned Off

For your iPhone or iPad to locate you, you need to have location services turned on. You can either turn it on from the settings in your device’s settings.

Note that you must have location services turned on because this helps the app accurately determine your current location.

Weak GPS Signal

When the app cannot find your exact location, it may be from a rural area with weak GPS signals or if there are obstructions in the signal. Check to see if you’re not near a high building or in a rural area.

If so, try moving closer to a cell tower, or go outside and check whether that helps.

Incorrect Date and Time

Use the location sharing feature to help find each other on your phones. The location-sharing feature requires that your friend’s time and date be set automatically on their device.

They will not be able to communicate their location with you if they do not have the correct data and time configured in their phone settings.

Low Battery

A person who runs out of battery and can’t turn their phone back on will not be able to tell their location. The Find my app will not be able to access their device, so they will not be connected, and the “no location found” message will display.

Application Error

Unfortunately, sometimes the Find My Friends app will become corrupted, and you’ll see this error. First, restart the app by turning it off and then on again.

This usually solves any issues immediately. If it doesn’t work for you, try deleting and reinstalling the app from the App Store.

How To Fix No Location Found?

Here are methods on how to fix “no location found.”

Secure Internet Connection

The connection may be slow if you cannot see the person’s location. If you turn on the wifi on your iPhone and see only one wireless network, you should try using your iPad or computer to connect to the internet.

Here are several ways to fix the issue with your iPhone’s wi-fi connection. Step one, turn your wi-fi on.

It’s a simple process with just a few taps in the iPhone settings app.

Once you have established that you’re connected to the internet and ready to check your location, toggle airplane mode on and off to reset your internet connection. This might take some time if the culprit is an overworked modem, but it should eventually get sorted out.

Check Date and Time

When you have an iPhone that is getting a “No Location Found” error, then you might be experiencing some issues with your iPhone. The problem is that your mobile device’s date and time are not set properly.

This can cause problems when trying to find your phone’s location on another device and between your phone and iCloud. iCloud has many settings for correcting any missteps in time and date for other apps and calendar items like flights, appointments, and more.

Turn On Location Services

When you turn on location services, you can turn your iPhone’s GPS on or off and add new locations where you are staying. However, turning these features on will not mean that all of your contacts can see where you are.

To send your location to a contact, they must have their location services enabled on their iPhone. If they do not enable location services, they will not be able to send their GPS to another friend.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your iPhone is easy and takes only a few seconds. Turn off the device, wait for it to reboot, switch it on again and start using it.

Update Your Phone

Updates can take hours, depending on how big they are, and that’s not what you want if you want a phone that gets better with every new version. Updating your phone as soon as possible ensures your device continues functioning properly.

You don’t need to be a techie to know that an update is an opportunity to fix bugs, introduce new features, or increase security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does iMessage show location not available?

When you want to share your location, the Messages app will ask if you want to share with that friend. If you want others to be able to see where you are, or vice versa, you’ll need to turn on Location Services on your iPhone.

Open the Settings app, select Privacy > Location Services and toggle Messages to On. Now anyone will be able to access your location when messaging with you.

Can I hide my location?

Yes. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an easy and reliable way to hide your location.

You can also use a browser extension or proxy service to hide your IP address. Another option is using a browser with built-in encryption like Tor which makes it harder to track you down.

How to identify if someone stopped sharing their location?

Try to track their location and see if results come up. If they stop responding to your requests for information, it can indicate that they have turned off sharing on a device or app.

How to freeze my location on my iPhone?

You can freeze the location Beta feature on your iPhone. Just follow these steps:

Display the “Settings & Privacy” app, then tap “Find My iPhone.” Scroll down and tap on the “frozen” option and how many hours you want to freeze.

How to turn off location services?

You can easily switch off location services if you don’t want to share your location. To do this, head over to settings.

Then, turn off the location services located at the upper corner of the screen under the privacy option.

Can I force restart my iPhone?

Yes, you can, depending on the model of your iPhone. You can press the home volume down button for older models until you see an apple logo on your screen.

However, the process is the same for the latest models, but it’ll only take a few seconds to restart.

Does no location found mean they stopped sharing?

No. This happens when their phone’s GPS and location services are not functioning properly.

How would I know if someone stopped sharing their location with me?

A notification on your iMessage will indicate they have stopped sharing location with you.

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