Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill his Sister?

Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill his Sister

Micheal Myers has been known to be a horror fictional character who kills her sister at the young age of 6 and kills more teenagers when he leaves the asylum. However, you may be questioning what makes him kill his sister.

When Micheal was 6 years old, he wanted to trick or treat on Halloween night; however, her sister Judith Myers called her boyfriend and hooked up with him instead of taking Micheal to have Trick or Treat.

Due to his anger and jealousy, as he felt neglected, he brutally killed her sister with a butcher’s knife.

What Did Micheal’s Sister Do To Him?

Michels sister did not allow him to go trick or treating on the night of Halloween. Instead of going out with him, her sister spent the night with her boyfriend, making Micheal feel neglected and jealous, which became the root cause of murdering her sister.

Why does Micheal Kill?

Micheal kills anyone who would hinder him because he is under the control of the Cult of Thorn. This makes Micheal kill the member of his family related by blood.

Why do Micheal Mayers Wear Masks?

There is a lot of speculation about why Micheal Myer wears a mask, and one of it is to hide his face. Wearing a mask became his identity because wearing one without showing his natural face makes him scarier.

Micheal Myer is the older brother of Laurie Strode. Laurie was only two when Micheal killed their older sister.

Micheal killed her older sister with a butcher knife on the night of Halloween. Laurie did not know that she and Micheal were siblings not until Micheal hunts her.

Laurie was adopted after her older sister’s murder. However, Micheal learned her identity and location making him find and try to murder her.

Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill his Sister

Why does Micheal Myer go after Laurie Strode?

Laurie is the younger sister of Micheal Myers; that is why he is after her and plans to kill her as well. Laurie did not know that the Strode adopted her and that her identity was a Myer.

When Michel learns that Laurie is her younger sister, he sets the plan to kill her. However, with many attempts, Laurie was able to escape death.

Why Does Micheal Myers Want to Kill Jamie?

Jamie was the daughter of Laurie and the niece of Micheal. Since he wanted to kill any family member of his bloodline, he is after Jamie.

Micheal succeeded in killing Jamie at the age of 15. However, he didn’t know she had a son until later, when Micheal learned about this, he run after the baby.

The End Of Halloween Kills Explained


Is Jamie the daughter of Laurie Strode?

Jamie was the daughter of Laurie Strode.

Was Myers’ face revealed?

In the movie’s final scene, Laurie can lift the mask of Micheal.

How many sisters does Micheal Myers have?

Michel Myers has two sisters, namely Laurie Strode and Judith Myers.

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