Why Does My Car Attract Bugs

why does my car attract bugs

If you own a car, one thing you may have noticed is that there are several bugs in your car than what you would like. Why is this the case? And what even attracts bugs to your car in the first place?

The shiny color and bits of plastic on the car are the main reasons you might find that the car attracts bugs. Whenever the light strikes the paint on the car and it is reflected back, the insects often think it is water. That is how they tend to patch on your car.

You may notice that insects may also prefer some colors over others. An example is that a red and black car tends to get more bugs compared to yellow and white cars. So, if you have a red car, you may need to deal with eliminating bugs more often.

Food remains and dirty cars also attract bugs. It is why you should always clean food and juice spills to keep the bugs away.

We look at some of the most common bug types that you may come across in your car below. We also look at how you can eliminate them.


You will mostly find cockroaches in your car only if you tend to leave food remains in the car. Also, if you have packed the car under shelter for a while, expect to come across roaches in no time.

Cockroaches also love cars with open windows. The worst can be when you have parked the car near trash cans. They do use these trash cans as nesting sites.

Other than searching for food in the car, cockroaches would also use the same for shelter.

The best way of eliminating cockroaches would be to regularly clean the car removing the food remains and any spills. A cockroach cannot survive in a place with no food.

Here is a video on how to remove cockroaches from your car


It is not new to come across ants in your car. Take note that they can be quite problematic as they can stay hidden for long.

One of the common types of ants you may get in the car are the fire ants. They are known to be deadly in terms of damaging the electrical circuits in the car.

You can easily identify them by their brown or dark red body. They still have the capacity to sting.

Ants are attracted to sugary foods such as juice spills. If you do not want ants in the car soon, clean up the spilled juice as soon as possible.

If you do not clean the car more often, you might not even notice the ants. They can easily get tucked in the carpets and keep causing havoc.

An insecticide can help in controlling the ants, but it is best to keep the windows down to let the insecticide out. This is to prevent potential health issues once you start using the car again.




One thing about spiders is that they can be scary sometimes. Not many people will tolerate having spiders as bugs in their cars.

Spiders will mostly end up in your car if it is rarely used. They will not be like cockroaches whereby they are in cars you use more often because of food.

The Huntsman spider will be the most common in cars. Just make sure you clean a car that is not used more often to remove spiders before driving again.

The spiders you find in the car can be both poisonous and non-poisonous too. So make sure you are clearing them out first before using the car.

Here is a video with more illustrations

Bed bugs

Bed bugs will commonly be in the car seat, so that is one place you should definitely start looking for signs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs do not just appear in the car out of nowhere. They would normally be brought in by other people in their clothes or bags.

They might not be the most poisonous, but the bites from a bed bug will generally leave you itching for a while. It is also painful.

Bed bugs multiply fast so make sure to start the clean-up process the moment you notice the bed bugs.

A strong suction vacuum can be a reason for you to consider eliminating bed bugs.

Carpet beetles

As their name suggests, you can expect to get such types of bugs in car carpets and upholstery in general. They do love these places as they can get some good shelter from the elements.

These bugs get into the car mostly because someone got them into the car on their clothes. They will keep living in the car and reproduce if there is something to eat.

Since carpet beetles mostly feed on hair, dead insects, and wool, expect them to last a long time in the car since such supplies are readily available in the car.

You can try options such as fumigation to help remove the beetles from the car.

You can also vacuum the seats by using a hot steam vacuum to remove the bugs together with their larvae from the seats.

One of the homemade remedies is to mix water and vinegar in equal parts and spray on the carpets and seats to remove the carpet beetles.


These are also common types of insects in the car. They resemble a needle due to their body shape.

Thrips mostly feed on plants. So, you might be wondering what they would be doing in the car.

Well, they can also suck on the juice of plants you have in the car for food. As always, try to keep the food remains and juice spills out of the car. In case of a spill, have it cleaned as soon as possible.

A couple of studies show how thrips would be attracted to the yellow color. That is why you might find most of them in yellow or other brightly colored cars.

The chances are you will find thrips being attracted to a car thinking it is plants and start looking for food while in it.

Some scents from soap and essential oils can put them off. As such, clean the car more often.



Wasps would mostly be interested in hot cars. Whenever it is hot outside, wasps would tend to hover around the car before getting in. Having the windows open should give them an easy time getting in.

You won’t have to worry much about wasps if there is no food in the car. They would move out quickly.

However, they can sometimes come across roaches and insects in the car. This would make them stay around for longer. Thus, it is best to keep the car clean and you will not draw in wasps.


Why are there many bugs around a car?

One of the main reasons you have many bugs around your car is because it is dirty. Bugs are mostly attracted to a dirty car. If you can clean it more often, you never have to worry about bugs anymore.

How can you get rid of a bug infestation in the car?

Focus more on cleaning the car including the interior and floor mats. People tend to only clean the exterior forgetting the interior. If you can maintain the car clean, then you will not have to deal with bugs.

Can bugs get into a closed car?

As much as bugs mostly get into the car via windows, there are other routes bugs can take to get into the car. An example is the AC vents that the bugs can easily fit and find their way into the cabin.

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