Why Does My Car Smell Like Weed

Why Does My Car Smell Like Weed

There are several reasons the car can smell like weed, one of which is that you are a frequent weed smoker in the car. Of course, when you smoke weed in your car with the windows rolled up, expect it to smell like weed for a while.

Another reason would be that you keep storing weed in your car. This can make the interior smell like weed. So long as you are not high while driving, this should not be a problem even for the police.

How to Remove Weed Smell In Your Car

You just smoked weed in your car, and the smell is quite unbearable. What do you do?

We discuss some methods to keep the car smelling fresh, even if you have been using weed for a while. Let us check them out below.

1. Use odor neutralizers

Odor neutralizers should be your first move as they can help clear the weed smell faster. Start by spraying the neutralizer in the vehicle vents and turning on the fans while the windows are closed.

You should also spray inside the cabin and keep the fans running for another 15 minutes. This would help the neutralizer circulate the neutralizer inside the car and the vents too, which can be hard to reach at times.

Make sure to handle the odor neutralizers with care since they might have chemicals that irritate your skin and eye. You can always open the windows and doors for the neutralizers to get out of the car once you are done removing the odor before driving.

2. Air out the vehicle

Sometimes rolling down the windows and letting the air from outside circulate in the car can help fix the problem.

This can be ideal when you just had a hotbox session. This is when you roll up the windows to keep the smell of weed from escaping as you smoke weed. People tend to do this as they think it would help them get and stay high for longer.

Simply roll down the windows and turn on the fans on full blast to clear as much smell as possible.

If you keep the car in a garage, leave the windows and doors open overnight to allow the interior to air out easily.

3. Use an air freshener

An air freshener will be a good choice to mask the weed smell. The weed smell would disappear for a couple of hours with a quick spray.

This is a method you can use to mask the smell temporarily, but otherwise, the other methods would be better to remove the smell permanently.

You can consider hanging the air freshener in your car to help maintain a good smell. This is for those who want the air freshener smell to linger around for longer.

4. Use essential oils

If you can get an essential oil diffuser, the better. This is better than using a spray air freshener as it can do a good job removing the weed smell permanently.

Essential oil diffusers are great as they would easily clip onto the AC vent. Go ahead and fill the diffuser with your favorite essential oil so it can spread throughout the car when you turn on the AC.

Some diffusers can be plugged into a USB port to ensure you always have a great-smelling car. You do not need to keep turning on the AC for this type.

5. Use baking soda

Baking soda can also be a good choice, especially if the weed smell is deeply embedded in the car’s upholstery.

Sprinkle baking soda directly on the upholstery and carpets and let it sit for around 2 hours. You will then notice that baking soda is quite a good deodorant for your car.

If the weed smell is too strong, you can leave baking soda in the seats and carpets overnight.

Use a vacuum to remove the baking soda. This method is quite underrated, but it will do a good job removing the awful smell of weed.

Here is a video showing how you can use baking soda to remove odors

6. Use activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has always been a top pick for removing odor. Get yourself a couple of activated charcoal bags for this job.

You can leave the activated charcoal bags in the car overnight for them to do a good job of removing the weed smell.

Leave the activated charcoal bags in the car for two days and replenish them with new bags.

You will sometimes find the activated charcoal messy when compared to other methods. A good example is when you have a bright interior. You may notice that the charcoal would stain the upholstery. You are advised to keep the charcoal bags under the seat.

Another closely related material to activated charcoal is ground coffee. Put the dry coffee grounds in a cup and let it sit in the car for two days to mask the weed smell.

7. Wipe the surfaces with a solution of vinegar and water

A vinegar and water solution can help mask the lingering weed smell. It is also a good solution for cleaning various surfaces.

Start by mixing white vinegar and water in equal amounts in a bowl. Next, soak a microfiber cleaning rag in this solution and use it to wipe the surfaces. Make sure the cleaning rag is not too wet.

Wipe surfaces such as the doors, steering wheel, and dashboard.

The smell of vinegar will mask the weed smell while at the same time now you have a clean interior of your car.

You could also leave a shallow glass filled with white vinegar overnight. Repeat the same for a few days, and you should notice a change in the smell of your car.

8. Deep cleaning with shampoo and vacuum

Sometimes deep cleaning the car might be the only thing to do. If you do not have a vacuum or upholstery shampoo, you can have the car detailed professionally.

Clean the car’s interior first by using the upholstery shampoo. The work of shampoo is to remove as much odor as possible.

You also have to use a vacuum to remove the dust and dirt in the car. Remember, when you smoke weed, ash can fall onto your carpet. With a good vacuum, you should be able to remove the ash leaving your car smelling fresh.

It might take a few cleanings to help eliminate the weed odor from the car. Just like that, you can now have a clean car generally.

Here is a bonus video with more tips on removing odors from cars


Can changing the air filter eliminate weed smell?

It is possible to have weed smell caught up in an old air filter. So, each time you turn on the AC, you will circulate the same weed smell in the cabin. That is why you have to consider replacing it.

Should you smoke weed in your car?

As much as you can do it, it is not advisable. This is because getting high can impair your senses while driving. It is just best to smoke weed in your house while making sure it is legal to do so in your area.

Is weed smell permanent in the car?

No. Now that you have gone through the guide above, you should know the various methods to use to remove the weed smell from the car.

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