Why Does My Dog Cry In The Car

why does my dog cry in the car

People love taking their dogs for a ride more often. This is because they love their company and it is fun for the dog too. That might not always be the case. This is because sometimes the dog can cry or whine in the car more often.

When this happens, it can make someone worried about their dog. So, why is this the case? Should you be worried?

A dog whining and crying in the car is mostly because of anxiety or fear of traveling. There is the need to address the anxiety or any other triggering event so that the dog can feel safe in the car once again.

Reasons Why the Dog Tends to Cry in the Car

  1. The dog has travel sickness

Believe it or not, the dog can also experience travel sickness each time you take it on a drive.

Well, dogs are just like people as they can still experience motion sickness. This type of motion sickness would make the dog have stomach upset.

We recommend that you open the window so that the dog can experience some fresh air and still help in alleviating travel sickness.

Another tip would be moving the dog to the front seat so that it feels closer to its owner. This would make it less susceptible to motion sickness.

Of course, taking it to a veterinarian would also be ideal. Make sure to use the medications as prescribed so that they can help the dog stop suffering from motion sickness.

  1. The dog is stressed or frustrated

Sometimes stress during the car ride would lead to the dog being stressed. This is mostly because the dog feels constricted in small spaces over long journeys. This definitely leads to frustration and stress.

Opening the window can also help with easing stress. It allows the dog to see the surrounding which can entertain it.

Another consideration would be to get some toys for it along the car ride. The toys would definitely help keep the dog busy and happy.

  1. The dog is in new surroundings

The reason why the dog might be whining is that it is in a new surrounding. Let us say it is a different car than it is used to and the scents are also different. As you can see, the dog might be overwhelmed generally.

Understanding the Dog Whines or Cries

There are different dog whines. It is only when you understand them that you can properly handle this type of behavior.

  • The attention whine

Such a dog whines because it wants its food or wants you to play with it. Let us say you have been driving around for a while, then the dog can get bored that you are not paying attention to it.

You do not always have to give it attention, but make sure you are firm with your decisions generally for it to learn better.

  • Fear or stress whine

As mentioned earlier, the dog can cry or whine because it is stressed or fears something. Other signs that the dog is scared can be lip licking, cowering, and when it generally looks worried.

Yelling at such a dog would not help. It is best to find out what is stressing it to help in improving its moods and stop whining too.

  • Alert whine

An alert whine or cry can be an important consideration. It could be that there is something bothering it in the back seat where you have kept the dog. So, always look at your dog to understand what could be the issue and handle it better.

How to Keep the Dog from Crying in the Car

How to Keep the Dog from Crying in the Car

There can be different approaches to this. We look at the main methods to keep in mind to help quiet the dog.

  1. Reduce its anxiety triggers

You can start by exercising the dog first before taking it on a car ride. This means the dog is now exhausted and has burned the excess energy.

Try to also vary the destinations. Take it to the park, a friend’s place, and back home. This is because the dog can often associate its car rides with a visit to the vet. This can actually change.

It is best to give the dog a lot more social interactions. This can include playing and training the dog more often. The idea is to build confidence in the dog so that it does not keep whining in the car.

You could also put the dog in a crate and provide it with a familiar blanket or toy. This should keep the dog comfortable.

Creating a positive association is also highly recommended. You can give it some treats during the car ride. This will make it happy for the next car ride as it knows it would get some treats too.

  1. Teach the dog to be quiet

If you can manage to keep the dog quiet the better. One of such ways is to always have some dog treats with you ready. So, give the dog some treats the moment it starts to whine.

Another thing to do is to train it to listen to the quiet command. If it can know you are firm with it being quiet, then it is not something you have to worry about. When we say firm, it does not mean yelling at the dog.

Here is a video on training the dog to be quiet

You do not just tell it once to keep quiet as you still need to reinforce it. That is where you give it a treat and tell it to keep quiet.

If you see the dog following the commands as you issue them, then consider introducing praise too. This helps it to know that it has done a good thing.

Here is an additional video with tips on how to stop the dog from whining


How do you get the dog to stop crying in the car?

Start by understanding what could be bothering the dog. We have also looked at how you can train the dog to calm down and mostly stick to shorter trips.

How can you calm a dog with anxiety?

Make sure that you always pet your dog so that it does not feel detached. Give it some entertainment so that it does not get anxious.

Should you ignore the whines or cries of a dog?

You are advised to respond to the dog’s cries selectively. Sometimes if you are sure the cries do not matter, you can ignore the cries.

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